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Does anyone know where i can get a fully functional lung ?

Hello ppl from across the pond, its jimmyr from the eastern seaboard of usa in the city of brotherly love. Long time no see ladies n is every lil thing ?

Me ? ive been trying to keep my composure with my health as im in & out of the hospital every month except august. spent 56 days this year in the hosp and my job is waiting but i just cant get there(opthlamolic technican)..i have to apply for disability this week. im so disappointed..i loved my job n im never going tp be able to work there again. i have cong heart failure n copd...not a good combo bcos im mostly too weak to do or go if anyone knows how to stay upbeat as this takes me for everything i have n know n want plz let me know

i am 55, my family consist of my longtime wife Stephanie of 32 yrs my 2 daughters 27 & 31(Lesly n Carol)..and a younger brother( Mike) i sit n somedays i can barely make my own lunch i have a oxygen tank n i wear it all day sometimes n other days i dont have to pending on the weather...its been so hot n humid in the 90s here in philadelphia amd humidity kills me. this dibillitating disease is a sly tricky lil hour im ok the next im not i dont know what im doing or what to expect anymore.

my wife thinks im getting better...yea sure as i sit and sit n sit all day thinkin bout my life that is passing me by.

on aug 26th a good friend (Diane) 58...passed away from this copd, well she never stood a chance ...smoked 3-4 pks a day diagnosed in 2012...stayed in bed all day and was so depressed didnt bother to battle it and when the time came for gods hand to take her she never so much as put up a diane, if theres one thing i learned its this...if i dont battle this it will certainly kill me n i wont allow that to happen. yes im fearful but ive got to be optimistic that there is a light at the emd of the tunnell

i do have interests like philly we have baseballs "Phillies" n footballs "Eagles".. also ice hockeys "Flyers" n basketballs "76ers" + i love watching the premiere league cz im a lifelong soccer fan n yes my team is Crystal Palace..& a few eyebrows raised this past wkend huh ?

They are out to their best start in a long time...i like man u cz my long time female goes over to germany every summer n this year she stopped in london n pkd up a man u jersey...why ? cz the other years she had gotten me a schweinsteige jersey from bayard munich to the national team the won the world cup in 14' so when he signed with man u it was a no brainer...well theres world events i like to keep on top of things for conversation reasons cz its basically all i got now. but today im here with my tank on n it really doctor gives me percocet 5/325...they help me feel better n believe it or not breathe better also. but when i dont have them im a mess n i hate feeling like that cz i cant even get out of life has become a matter of ok jim now what am i going to do ? my answer is "i have no answer" cz see if there was anything else wrong with me i could go on vacation to anywhere but without being able to breathe n a weak heart im helpless..its even ruined my vacations at the jersey shore that my wife n i go every aug...i have a portable n yes i could use that but im too weak to walk...lord have mercy on my soul...amyone know any alternatives bcos like i said im remaining optimistic thru it all...but its very difficult to keep a smile, it really 5'11" n i weigh 138..wishing everyone a happy wednesday..god bless you all...yours...jimmyr

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Hi jimmyr that is quite a list .. so sorry to hear about ya issues.

Wish i had answer but i guess things will take time esp if just out of hospital


Just keep active Jimmy even if it's just one step.

Here for you as always.

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