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Molly Is Home Again...

Thank you everyone for all your good wishes for Molly. We've just returned home from collecting her from the vets...Suzy hasn't the faintest idea what was wrong with her...but she's so much better now. Curled up on my lap purring away...

Feel as though we'd had the vets 'phone number on speed dial for the past three weeks or so. And if I added up the amount of cash I've parted with, then I think I might be sick.

Never mind...would only have bought wool and paid the water bill...and the 'phone...and the electricity.

They can wait.

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So pleased Molly is back home,wonder if the warm food disagreed with her,if I ever warmed one of my old dogs food he would be sick so stopped doing it and he was ok.

Hope she is going to be fine now,don't forget piccies of the terrible duo, lol and the utility people have more money than you so yes they can wait.๐Ÿ˜€

So pleased Molly is home now, I agree with redted about heating food. I also think it is important to keep the kittens themselves warm at night.

The kittens sleep in the bathroom which has a double radiator in it...they have a cushion each, which have woollen covers, under the radiator where it stays warm all night long.

There is a dish of dried cat food...the sort for kittens...a dish with a sachet of moist kitten food and another dish of cooked minced chicken and rice...there is a bowl of fresh water available.

Himself only warms the chicken and rice after it's been in the 'fridge...and that's following the vets advice...not something he dreamed up.

Both the kittens are warm, well fed and comfortable.

They've had their jabs for cat 'flu and both have been wormed...they have a variety of toys to play with, including a special cat climbing frame.

No-one knows the kittens previous history...they could well have been harbouring a virus for sometime before they came to us...hence their vet visits...as far as we know the vet is fully qualified in companion animal care.

I do hope this sets your mind at rest.


It sounds as though they are very well looked after,and if the vet says it's ok to warm the chicken and rice it must be ok,and chicken and rice is good for upset tummies, I wonder if they sleep together ? Or have their own cushions,as you say you have not had them long and considering you don't know about their back ground they could have easily have been carrying a bug. Let's hope they are fine now,bless them,pretty little kitties.

So pleased molly is home hope everything settles down now and you can really start to enjoy them without all the worry

So pleased molly is home and feeling better I'm sure Murphy will be pleased to see her too x

glad she is better you must both be relived to get her back safe and well ,

So sorry to hear of Mollie's illness but pleased she is home now & purring ...

It will be costing you a fortune, pity there is no NHS for pets. Love Margaret x

Happy to hear that Molly's back home now, hope you don't have anymore scares - or vets bills.

So glad to hear Mollys home and feeling better.๐Ÿ˜Š what a cozy place for them to sleep. Like you say, they probably had viruses stewing before you got them.

Things should calm down soon for you.

We have a 3 wk. old kitten we're bottle feeding. Night time feedings and all.๐Ÿ˜Š

Like having a baby !

Rubyxx ๐Ÿ˜Š

So pleased to hear the good news.......... Jan xx

Really good news :)

Sounds like 2 of best cared for kits on the planet! Vets bills take precedence over utility bills but it would be nice not to have them!

So glad Molly is OK. She must be so pleased to be home.

Take care


Great that Molly is back home. They are certainly well cared for, hope they both give you so much happiness xx

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