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Hi to everyone who has been following Pat's progress over all this time, today the 1st of September 2015 and 24 months after that terrible time when Pat was so very near to the end of her life, she has just been today to see her Lung Specialist Dr Bolton at the Nottingham City Hospital for her annual appointment, last year Dr Bolton was fairly confident that eventually the Emphysema would go all together as Pat at that time had improved quite well, today Dr Bolton having looked at all the Medical Information on Pat's Records is so pleased with her recovery that we do not need to see her again, apparently the Emphysema has gone although her Lungs have improved they are not yet back to where they were, she is leaving her File open in case at any time she is in Hospital, however Dr Bolton told Pat she will still have to go once a year for her Oxygen assessment and she also advised her to follow an exercise regime which will help build the Muscles up again and also help her Lungs, so at this Pat explained to her that she had been taking the Vitamins A and D3 and she told her to continue using them as they have clearly helped her, myself I am so happy at this news that words cannot explain just how much, again I thank each and everyone of you for your support over all this time. Pat and Graham Booth in Nottingham

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  • Hi, Graham, so pleased to hear that everything is going so well for Pat, long may it continue.

    Best wishes,


  • Delighted to hear that your wife is doing so much better but puzzled at the concept of emphysema going away. I didn't think emphysema was a condition that could go away. Can lung tissue that is destroyed, regenerate ? Is the damage to lungs caused by emphysema, reversible ? I would love to think so but have never heard that this is possible.

  • Emphysema is an inflammatory disease, this causes swelling to the Lung itself which also affects the ALVEOLI which being in such close proximity to each other once swelled the minute gap between them cosed and then they constantly rub on each other every time you breath in or out, this constant rubbing action eventually destroys the delicate wall of the Alveoli and once that happens the Alveoli is destroyed, this action continues all the while the Emphysema is allowed to go unchecked, in the Clinical Trials it is found that Vitamin A is an anti-inflammatory and calms the inflammation down quite quickly which is what I noticed 24 months ago where Pat was concerned, it was after I started giving her this she got no worse and since has improved remarkably, I hope this answers your question. Graham.

  • I'm not sure that it answers my question in the full medical sense, but I follow the logic of your wife's improvement. As I said already, I am really delighted for both of you, that she is doing so well. Long may it last.

  • This I can vouch for well after I started taking vit a n d3 my lungs n breathing became so much better I have emphysema and bronchiectasis, my breathing is much better after 10 month but the bronchiectasis n mucus production is and will be my killer x

  • Hello Billiejean

    On emphasema being reversible see to a post by still truckin today about Ghl.

    Another hopeful thing but

    Graham s is for now more accessible.

  • Such wonderful news you must both be delighted with these latest developments! Well worth a celebration!😁

    I'm so pleased for you both!😁💙 huff xxx

  • I am really pleased to hear that your wife is doing so well buy also really confused.

    "Treatment may slow the progression of emphysema, but it can't reverse the damage."

    If there is a cure I would get in the queue but as far as I have been able to establish there is not.

  • Wonderful!

  • Wonderful news Graham. I couldn't be more pleased for you both. Take care,Mike.

  • Wow such brilliant news. I'm gonna keep popping me pills. 💊💊X Thanks for all the info. I'm following 😉

  • I suspect Graham may be confusing the cessation of the progression of emphysemic changes with an absence of emphysema per se.

  • You mean Pats condition is stable?

  • 'Stable' is all that can confidently be inferred from the specialist's announcement. However positive improvement has been observed by Graham, and this too is covered by, 'cessation of the progression of emphysemic changes'.

  • So Pats condition is stable then?

  • Rephrase the question if you want a rephrased answer.

  • touche :)

  • So pleased for you both.

  • That's great to hear and thank you for including me in the group who are trying out pats vitamins. I will let you know how I get on.

    If pat wouldnt mind, could you post here a copy of her lung function results, or if thats not possible just copy them out. Then we can see the areas of improvement which I am sure would encourage us! thank you so much, robin

  • Brilliant news. Delighted your perseverance paid off with the Vitamin A etc.

    When we find our health is deteriorating in spite of all the medications we take, then personally I think we need to 'look outside the box'.


  • Brilliant - if she doesn't need to be seen again that's a good enough validation for me! Go on doing what you do and pass the word to others who may be in the same desperate situation you found yourselves in, thank you for sharing the experience with us.

  • Fantastic news for you both Graham - all best wishes to you both x

  • Fabulous news Graham, I'm so pleased for Pat. Did she have any tests done at all? Like a CT scan, Xray... It would be wonderful to hear some of her results/numbers.

    All the best for Pat's continuing recovery. xx

  • What brilliant news! Onwards and upwards for Pat please wish her well on behalf of myself and kevin my hubby! (who's into his 3rd month of taking the vitamin A,vit D3 regime etc and seems to be doing well so far!) take care and thanks for posting



  • Hi graham such lovely news hope it keeps on going, I cannot thank you enough since I have been taking those vits we have talked about my lungs have definitely improved, my airways are still a struggle with all the Miuke, so il keep on looking and hope someone else shares another brilliant help, stay well regards carol xx

  • Lovely for your wife but I'm not sure I understand you saying she's cured of emphysema. It's incurable & can only be managed by medication, diet & exercise. Did you actually mean it was stable?

  • I have not said cured, what I have said is the Respiratory Specialist does not need to see her anymore as Pats condition has improved so much, the Specialist comments to us were that she believes the Emphysema itself has apparently gone as there is no sign of it on the X rays, all the Medical Information is pointing to her recovering, this does not include the damage done to the Lungs by the Emphysema, however Pats breathing has also improved that she has now come down from 16 hours per day to 11 and from 4 liters per minute to 3, our own Doctor has told us both that all the Medical evidence is Pat is recovering from the Emphysema, so that at this time is the position, I put Pat on a strict regime of 3 Vitamins 24 months ago and she is still on these today and it is that which has saved her life as there is nothing Prescribed by the Doctor which could do this, the Doctor has admitted that to us, thank you for your reply and look after yourself, Graham.

  • Graham, you refer to "emphysema itself" and "damage done to the lungs by emphysema" as if they are separate entities, but to most people they mean exactly the same thing. This inevitably gives rise to misunderstanding . . .

    For example, when you say Pat's emphysema has "gone" you are understood to be claiming that Pat's lungs are no longer showing any signs of damage.

  • This is it, what else could "gone" mean? How can Pat be so much better if the lung damage is still there? But if it is still there why doesnt it show up on xrays? I find it quite confusing I must admit. Robin

  • It's clear from what Graham says in his post above that he believes the term 'emphysema' to refer only to the process of on-going damage to previously undamaged parts of the lung, and he distinguishes this process from the damage already done which he does not consider to be 'emphysema itself'.

  • Hello stilltruckin and thank you. I "kind of" get it. So really it seems to be more of an "absence of progression" of emphysema, a stability. I am still puzzled how this stability is concomitant with such an improvement in Pat's condition that her need for O2 is reduced etc, unless the placebo effect is also at work......But if Pat is well I am just glad it is so, for her and Graham too. It would be very interesting to see statistics, Pat's lung function results or something, but as Graham has said this is private information.

  • How is 'improvement' not consistent with 'absence of progression'?

    Is an improving bank balance not consistent with avoiding additional debts?

    I understand Graham to be saying that no further damage is occurring, and at the same time the damage that has already occurred is being repaired.

  • Stilltruckin, in that case what you understand Graham to be saying differs from my own interpretation, Thats fine. I dont think I'll get into the semantics of it here thanks. Robin

  • Intriguing. Re-examined all Graham has said here . . . what else could he possibly mean?

  • Stilltruckin I think my last sentence Is clear. Best wishes. Robin

  • Of course - you don't wish to discuss it any further.

    My previous post ended with a rhetorical question.

  • ST why do you have such a narcissistic attitude to everyone on this site?

  • To speak of someone having a narcissistic attitude toward anyone other than themselves makes no sense.

    But then you weren't really asking a question . . .

  • Hahaha! Just the kind of comment I expected you to make

  • Comment is free, but never pet your dog when it's on fire.

  • Lol! Still sharp as tack, StillTruckin' has a gift for getting to the point of the matter! Besides her talent for research.

  • I am so confused, my x rays and ct scans show the emphysema clearly, does Graham mean these are now not showing on his wifes x rays. I was told by my consultant that once you have emphysema you will always have it, but with the right medication exercise and trying to keep infections at bay you can keep it from progressing. I do not wish to take sides on who is right or wrong here just wish I understood more.

  • Clematis youre not the only one I am confused too. How can there be no sign of the emphysema on xray if it was there before, makes no sense but I am glad Pat is improving for whatever reason. Robin

  • Like size, my bullous emphysema has not progressed in 5 years, stopped smoking, eating and living much healthy plus exercising.

  • " apparently the Emphysema has gone although her Lungs have improved they are not yet back to where they were, "

    So, what you are saying is that the Emphysema is not progressing in way one would normally have expected. This means then, that the lungs are gradually repairing themselves thanks to the Vitamin regime. I know about the vitamin A and D3, what is the third one?

    Always glad to hear of anyone's improvement in health. Have been taking vitamin D and A myself.

  • Vitamin K2. In this instance specifically to ensure higher absorption of dietary calcium from higher vitamin D level does not lead to arterial calcification instead of stronger bones. But vit K2 has other benefits too:

  • Thank you to our Star Researcher xxx

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