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The British Lung Foundation is a member of the UK Inhaler Group – a group of organisations which has come together because we all want to see people get the maximum benefit possible from their inhalers.

We are particularly interested to hear what you have to say about the colour of inhalers.

Can you help us by filling in this short online questionnaire? There are only four questions for you to answer.

Thanks very much for taking the time to do this.



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  • Done but frustrating to have to chose only one lung condition, especially as I have 3 from the list.

  • Totally agree wasn't sure which to select. Don't worry am sure there are many of us in the same situation, barnowl

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  • Your welcome!😁

  • Completed.

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  • Hi Mark

    Whilst I appreciate that these surveys are what you are being requested to do by your employer's. I would like you to pass on the following. I have watched the past weeks the blf asking people to take part in various surveys that in my opinion are indirectly connected with lung disease"finance advice" Springs to mind. What I and I speak for myself only is for you to spend more on research to find a cure for the various lung diseases we all suffer from. I noted that you accounts in 2012 that only a very limited amount of revenue gained was spent on research , I am currently investigating this years figures but i hope they are more fruitful. Whilst I appreciate the support the blf provide I do wish more was spent on research as opposed to high salaries marketing , rents in "London" etc..... Thank you for your time , Justin

  • Hi jayspurs, I took part in the finance survey as I know how lung conditions have impacted on my income, and with less disposable cash available to pay for heating and better food for instance...which in turn affected my family's health. Any information may help other people manage better than I did.

    The BLF says it is "leading the fight against lung disease" through 'Research, Campaigns and Support"

  • Hi Knitter

    I do not disagree and stressed this was my opinion only. But when I look at the figures on the amount spent on reaserch or "leading the fight" its not pretty reading. I would much rather funds spent on reaserch for a cure than, paying someone to write tweets on twitter or liking photographs on instagram. I did not mean to cause you any offence, nor take anything away from the BLF but mearly have an opinion on a topic that I feel very strongly about.


  • Hello Justin

    I have discussed your comments with a colleague of mine and he asked that I post the following on his behalf...

    Thank you for your comment. We are running these surveys to get a better understanding of the impact of lung disease on people’s financial situation, as we might be bidding for funding to develop our helpline to provide more support in this area. At the moment almost 1,000 people a year call the helpline with money problems, so it is right that we get a better understanding of these issues and look at ways to support more people. This isn’t about taking money away from our research funding – it would be bidding for new money that could only be spent on financial support.

    Steven Wibberley, BLF Chief Operating Officer

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