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Now Little Molly Is Very Poorly...

Dear little Molly, with her soft paws and extra loud purr, is in the vets.

You remember I said Suzy was a bit concerned about her enlarged lymph glands last week...

Molly stopped eating over the weekend and cried when I picked her up...she wasn't playing...just sat huddled up and looking miserable so Himself took her to the morning surgery.

Suzy put her on a drip immediately because she was dehydrated...she doesn't know what is wrong with her though. The lymph glands are down and back to normal...she doesn't have a temperature...

Now it's a case of wait and see I suppose.

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hope she gets better soon

Oh dear, poor Molly,your kitties do put you through it. I hope you can find out what's wrong with her, and she's feeling much better soon.

I wish animals could speak. It would be so much easier. Hope she is better soon. K

Get well soon Molly, hope the vet finds out what has caused you to be so poorly, you and Murphy have had a rough time lately,here's hoping you will both soon be feeling on top form and causing mischief again.🐱🐱


I hope little Molly will soon be well again xx

Sorry to hear Mollys not feeling well.

Poor baby. Sounds like some sort of infection. Did she do blood work?

I'm thinking antibiotics. . Your truly an angel Vashti. Your two babies are keeping you busy. You, himself and the vet. Let us know how Molly is.

Rubyxx 😊

I hope Molly is getting better.😊

Poor molly hope she gets well soon

get well soon molly x

Yes it's horrible when your animals are ill - they're so innocent and just... well....sweet somehow. I'm sorry x piggi

Healing vibes going to Molly.

Dozy xx πŸ˜€ πŸ€

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I hope little Molly makes a speedy recovery poor mite.

Hannah x

If only they could speak.

If only they could speak.

oh dear, it's always so worrying when our little ones are laid low. My sister's cat has just had something similar. She has been very poorly but is on the mend now. Kisses for Molly. Do let us know how she goes on.

Oh your poor kitties, they are lucky they've got you and himself and a good vet in Lucy. Hope Molly picks up soon I'm sure Murphy is missing her.

Hope she gets better soon xx

I'm so sorry...... We love our animals so much and feel so helpless when they're poorly. I'm sending lots of positive thoughts and prayers to you all. Please take care. Love Jan xx

Hoping Molly's better and can return home today πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’– x

Oh hope she recovers well.

Sending a big hug



Hope Molly is feeling better.

Take care


Best wishes to both you and Molly.

Fingers crossed for good news from the vets about Molly. Do hope she gets better quickly. Poor you, such a worry xx

This such sad news, I truly hope Molly gets better.

Do hope you cat is feeling better. So worrying when there's something wrong with our animals. Mine has just emerged from House arrest after his second trip to the vet in a few weeks. At least I could see what was wrong. So worrying for you.hope better news soon.

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