Experiment for alveoli regenerating growth

This Information may NOT be of interest to some as it contains some degree of Medical Terminology, it is NOT of a Dubious nature as it comes from an authorised Medical Site, please be sure before going to this Link as it is your own decision whether to read it, thank you, Pat and Graham Booth in Nottingham. I hope the link works for those wishing to read it.

Lung diseases in mice reversed by coaxing production of healthy cells


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  • Hi Graham. Link doesn't work. 😥

  • look below Stilltruckin has found it and it works, Graham

  • thats the one, to the above artical, thank you, these Links are a problem, Graham

  • Thanks for the link.

    I've been interested in the research at the University of Cambridge by Dr Rawlins, amongst others, for a couple of years now. They are on a similar road. Here's the best of luck to them all. There is a " plain English " bit further down the page.


  • This is looking promising too Puff, thank you. xx

  • Fantastic news!

  • That's a good article Graham, it shows they are slowly getting closer to being able to mend our lungs, very promising.

    Thank you xx

  • So good.

  • Looks great but if they havent got past mice tests yet its a long long long way off, robin

  • they have 2 Clinical Trials on Humans so far in America, one being set up at present asking for 3000 volunteers for a 3 year period, take care Graham

  • Have you got any links I can check out on them please?

  • Cheers

  • Hello Gary56, not trying to pour cold water here but just bear in mind fdareview.org/approval_proc...

  • Cheers Robin, thanks for the link. To be honest, I'm under no illusion. Even if the trials came to anything, no doubt It would be too late coming to market to make much difference to Me anyway :)

  • Thanks Graham.

  • Thank you yes I have heard of this work before and similar - hopefully it is the way to go - I have a great belief in the body's ability to heal itself - let us hope - thank you xx

  • I have the same thoughts about the body's ability to heal itself udine.

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