Experiencing breathing problems

Hi all,

I'm Margaret, in my early seventies and have just started to experience problems with my breathing. These problems have become more severe over a few months and I have not managed to get a diagnose or effective treatment from my doctor. Although I am pleased and relieved not to have heart failure or lung cancer but am still left feeing like a neurotic woman!

I have had reasonably good health over my life with a couple of major ops, one for ovarian cancer and another for a benign brain tumour. I like to exercise 2-3 times a week for about 1 hours duration but last week found this impossible.

I was searching the BLF site for any reviews of a product called Aerosure Medic which is supposed to help with breathing difficulties. There was a lady who was doing a trial and I was interested to see how it went. The product is expensive but like her I had found it on e-bay for half the price.

I have asthma in my family - my sister, cousin and two of my children all suffer - and I have tried a Ventolin inhaler without success.

I am hoping that I can find out more about what is wrong and of course how to get the best out of my life even with this disability.

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morning welcome to the site , I think you would need to go back to gp and explain your blue inhaler isn't helping see what else he can do , I think you should speak to your doctor before you buy the aerosure I think there are lot of people who they wouldn't recommend them for I know if any one has had a collapsed lung you cant use it cant remember the other things on the list ,

Thanks for your message. It actually isn't my inhaler it was a spare which my daughter had for her daughter. I used it first when I tried to take prescribed beta blockers and was left breathless - stopped taking them and felt better. This was before my last episode of breathlessness and dizziness.

There is a list of people who shouldn't use the Aerosure and I don't tick any of the boxes. I wouldn't buy until I had more info and possible recommendations?

Hi you need to go back to your doctor and ask for a spirometry test. This will show if you have asthma or maybe even copd. It sounds like you need inhalers and only the doctor can prescribe those. x

I concur with coughalot. See your GP. Outline your breathing difficulties and ask him/her that you to test for respiratory issues. Don't leave without a script.

Yes, take coughalot's advice. This needs further investigation, especially as it seems to have started recently. I use an aerosure medic to loosen my secretions , not to help breathing as I have bronchiectasis. Compared to other devices it is quite strong and bearing in mind the cost I would not recommend using it until you have a proper diagnosis. Welcome to the site. We are always here for you.

Hi Margaret I got breathless last year. Saw the doc and told him I thought I ha an infection but after several tests its asthma. Coughalot has given you very good advice take care :-)

I bought an Aerosure as didn't see it would do much harm and it didn't but it didn't seem to do much good either! My respiratory didn't seem to think much of it either. The rehab nurse can give better alternatives and they are normally free.

Thanks for your reply. The attraction was the drugs free label really! From what I have read on the site a diagnosis may be a wait away yet! My chest x-ray came back normal although I had expected something to show up as I felt so awful - breathless, dizzy and exhausted. Feeling considerably better now? But I can't think of anything I have taken or done differently - still I will just a grateful! Have a referral to a chest specialist but of course that could be ages.

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