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UN launches investigation into 'grave' violations of disabled people's human rights

UN launches investigation into 'grave' violations of disabled people's human rights

All we need now is EU to show concern over our human rights over welfare reforms.

But yer UNITED Nations officials will visit the UK in the next few months to investigate whether Iain Duncan Smith’s welfare reforms have led to “grave or systematic violations” of disabled people’s human rights.

Is shocking Thousands die after being declared 'fit for work' - no wonder Tories didn't want anyone to know .. We just need EU to jump on board as things with DWP have gone beyond civil to criminal.

Is nice to know some care when it comes to welfare and plight of sick and disabled hope you all like my post card : all MEP are getting one ( of curse ) I will be sending them freepost to members of elected parliament esp as I have no money :)

Thanks again to all that responded to my previous post on very subject

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Amnesty have been fighting this for a couple of years. Here's an older post. Let's hope someone gets somewhere.


Hi Toci cheers thanks for link defo can believe the have .. We live in hope will show some humanity .. truly is criminal what is going on

Cheers thanks again


Since the treaty of lisbon it has become possible to petition the e.u. commission even as one single person. Your petition has to illustrate how a piece of uk legislation contradicts an article of the E.U. Charter on human rights.

If the petition is judged 'receivable'

it can be taken issue with.

Its an interesting avenue to go down you don t need to have thousands of signatures but you do have to pinpoint how National and E.U law are in conflict.

All the best with your plans.


Hi HopeUp Cheers yer i was thinking if i was to stick tail on donky SO to speak would be human rights act Right to Life and forced labour also uk idea of civilised sociarty in relation to act also this the corners & justice act 2009 people trafacing recruting forced labour that is criminal offence yet i dont see the police prosecuting

O and a forgot LIEING by iain DWP is breach of our Human Rights

Here is pertition we could all do with signing

Cheers thanks


Hi Denis,happy to sign that .I have already signed " vote of no confidence " pledge,unfortunately this government does,nt give a toss what we think,we don,t have any money to bribe them with.This lot make me vomit,who voted for them ffs?D. 👍

Liking the postcard Daz and hope Politicians get the message. They should leave people alone especially when they are sick as they have enough to worry about. xxx


Hi sassy59 thanks a sure hope the do :)

Defo agree about those who are sick

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I think anyone involved in this should be kicked out of number 10 without a pension. Mr Brown should be made to pay compensation to all the family's who have lost a loved one and lets not forget they were going to bring back atos if re-elected I see no difference between labour and the Tories and I hope ids gets what he is due


I just signed the petition but I think I've signed it before - I wish they would date these.

Have signed . Only regret

was seeing that hortible face again. (the one coughalot so loves :)

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Going to the court of human rights cost a fortune I remember the guy with the captain cook claw hand in London he went over being kicked out of the uk think his wife and kids still hear in uk being kept by the state

It is just a lot of politically-motivated hot air. The UN rapporteurs include people from Uganda, Kenya, Thailand and Tunisia. None of which have any meaningful Social Security System.

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