What has happened to summer

I am currently in the UK visiting family and once again disappointed with the weather. Cold, wet miserable. I remember managing holiday parks years ago and you could almost guarantee sunshine during August, but not anymore. I am used to an average temperature of 32C so 14C is cold for me.

Talking with the family i think next year i will come june/july. What do you think? My family are in the south of England.


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  • Hi Merv sorry the weather has been so bad for your visit. I think with the British weather it is a little like a "lucky dip".

    Enjoy your visit, weather permitting.

    I live in the South.


  • Weather has been like this all year.Where do you live to get these temperature

  • I live on a tropical island called Phuket in Thailand. Been there over 18 years now, but like to visit the family once a year. But i am finding August too cold and wet for me.


  • Hi Swerv, that's a shame I hope you bought some Winter woollies with you.

    Not sure that June and July were much better, we have only had a few days at a time that have been really Summery.

    Enjoy your visit anyway.

    take care

    polly xx

  • Hi Polly,

    I brought vests and a sweatshirt, but still cold.


  • think the weather is waiting for the children to go back to school , then the sun will come out

  • I think you are right as my family are saying they are now getting better weather June/July and September.


  • Hi it's really you pays your money and takes your chances over here. I do find that recently though early summer is usually warmer than late. I hope it clears up for you. x

  • Just came back from a couple of hours by Ryde beach and it was 22C, so maybe August is not so bad after all. haha

  • We had a very hot day here yesterday, the weather has been alternatimg between too hot and dull with scattered rain.

  • Usually these days it rains all through the school summer holidays. August is frequently wet and cool. We have got sunburnt in April and May though!

  • My son's birthday is on 13th of June and he always has a barbecue on the nearest Saturday and for the last 10 year it has poured, last year we had to hold umbrellas over the barbie so it didn't go out!

  • Summer! What summer? I honestly think it is the luck of the draw whatever summer month you choose to visit in. British summer at its best and worst every year. xxxx

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