Any ideas whats wrong?

I have lung disease and other health problems. Use inaled corticosteroids plus prescribed painkillers for scoliosis (back problem). Anyway, the latest bit to drop off (if u see what I mean) is that two weeks ago I was told I had cataracts forming in both eyes. Ok, so do millions of others. However, for the last two days in my left eye, I have had a spidery feint black spiders web type 'illusion' and some flashing bright vertical lights. Ive felt unwell at times, washed out morethan usual. Any budding gps out there???

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  • This happened to my brother a few weeks ago . He had a detached retina , that's the lens in the back of the eye. If I were you I'd seek immediate medical attention , it's a serious condition but can be treated . Hope you will be ok . Let us know ,take care . Bammy

  • I agree with bammy, if you have an A & E Department go and see them. Some A & E's have an Eye Doctor there. My Doctor thought I had this once and immediately sent me to A & E. Fortunately it wasn't.


  • I think a visit to the optician and the doctors might be a good idea. Two years ago I was told that I have a cataract forming in my left eye but at my last two check ups it hadn't progressed at all (thankfully), and I haven't really had any problems with it. The only time I've experienced flashing lights is when I've had migraine, and sometimes I've had migraine with no head pain - just the flashing lights.

  • Go to the optician

  • Hi.

    Not a budding gp. But worked for optometrist.

    Flashing lights, spidery curtain effect, pain, "arching" to side of eye. All signals something is wrong.

    If there's an optician open and they can check you, they will refer you to eye unit, usually by phone.

    Or there's A and E.

    Get it looked at asap. Dont worry!

    Keep us informed.


  • Hi just tried to post a link. Have a google under NHS. It looks like it could be a detached retina. Ring 111 please as this is an emergency.

    Or it could be the start of glaucoma as my mum had this with similar symptoms and also felt unwell. Whatever still please call 111.

    It might well be nothing serious but don't take any chances with your sight. x

  • You're right coughalot ,this happened to my brother he lives in Manchester he was treated at The Manchester Eye Hospital as an emergency .

    He's recovering well ,it is really important that it's treated quickly ,don't want to frighten kydam just wanted to help you understand how important it is to get some medical care . Bammy

  • You must see a doctor or optician urgently. No ifs or buts

  • Thank you so much everyone for your advice and support. I saw a gp this morning and he referred me to A and E. They did an eye test and said they thought nothing urgent so to go back early this week to see hospital ophthalmologist. However if I have any more flashes (they have subsided a bit now) I have to go straight back, day or night. Thanks again everyone.

  • Go back to your opticians or your Docs about the flashing lights in your eyes. Have you been out on e list for a cataract operation?

  • It does sound a bit like a detached retina kydam and you need to get it checked out asap. Let us know how you get on please. xxxx

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