Nanny cake

Hi I suffer with COPD I think it is mild at the moment as i can carry out my day to day choirs even though recently I am finding it harder and more painful climbing stairs walking up any type of incline and carrying shopping lifting ect .the only medicine I'm on are inhalers and I wondered if any body has tried or have any experience of a machine called Airnergy from Germany ? Would be great full for any response .

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Hi Nannycake, I have seen this mentioned on here before put Airnergy in the Search HealthUnlocked at the top of the page and you will see previous posts,

take care

polly xx

Thanks pollyjj will check it out

Hi I emphasise with you as I am only mild and do find hills, steps and carrying heavy things much harder these days.

I did some housework yesterday, tidying up and hoovering etc. and I am still knackered and my legs ache something chronic. As for the dust..... x

I asked my doctor to find out anything about it . He said he asked one of his colleagues but they had never heard of it. It is very expensive

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