Just A Little Bit Of This And Some Of That...

Himself has made a cat-proof wire frame to go over the open sitting-room window...it's excellent. Just the sort of wire used for an aviary in a wooden frame...attached with hinges at the top... so you can open and close the window easily...hook and eye fastenings at the bottom.

Could do with something similar for the back door because Molly is hell-bent on getting outside...have to watch her carefully 'cos she's so quick.

I've suddenly become fired with enthusiasm about my shed again...but it's in the most awful muddle...so I set to with a vengeance today...determined not to become distracted. Far easier said than done of course...

There is some new fabric I bought months ago just sitting there waiting to be made into jammie trousers...scraps that need ripping up for the rag-rug which is almost...but not quite finished and a lovely lump of brand-new air drying clay begging to be opened...not to mention the glass paints and a heap of CD's which need their surface taken off ready to be painted and made into mobiles.

Didn't realise until I was looking on the net that there is a brand of glass paint which can be baked in the oven and isn't solvent based...much better than the sort I have which simply stops my breathing for days after I've used it.

Made a bit of headway...the table is clear now...so that's a start.

The Farrier has just come to trim the donkeys feet, so Himself has gone down the road for a while...Paddy the Farrier works for the rescue people, so I expect Himself will have plenty of stories to tell me when he gets back...

Hope everyone has an good weekend...what's left of it. We don't have a Bank Holiday here...our next one is the first day of November.

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  • Pleased himself is keeping busy. Solvents mess with my chest, whoever would want to sniff glue? I am not alowed in the shed and need a reason to be caught in the garage. Man territory, me would fill skips and sweep it out. Tidy & clean like, instead there is loads of stuff that might come in useful. Problem is very little can be found, so we end visiting B & Q anyway. Love Margaret x

  • Oh I know what you mean, all of those useful little bits and bobs that end up being just 'useful' for cluttering the place up 'cos they can never be found when needed.

  • Do you really have a donkey, how lovely! I'm quite new to this site and am curious to know why can't the cat go out? Sorry, I'm being nosy aren't I.

  • We have two donkeys...both ancient and really on their last legs actually...

    Molly and Murphy are two very recent additions...Molly is bright ginger...she's such a sweet little cat, very affectionate...she is a rescue. Then there is Murphy who is tabby...he's full of himself...likes nothing better than getting into mischief...he was a rescue as well.

    I don't want either of them to go outside until they're older...we have a huge garden and it would be easy for them to get lost and bewildered...lol

  • I love donkeys, they seem so gentle and soulful - tho' I dare say they have a more spirited side to them. I have a sort of second hand rescue cat, her previous owner had to go into residential care and she'd rescued Annie (who was then a kitten) after seeing her thrown from a car. I got her when she was 5 years old and she was still very nervous, she's 10 now and much more settled and sure of herself.

  • Like you I love my stash of hobby stuff but just need to get going instead of just looking at it ♥

  • If I spent less time looking up things to make and do...lol

  • Himself has done well with making the window secure so Molly stays safe. Harder to stop her getting out of the door though. I am amazed at all the things you do, makes me tired just thinking about it xx

  • Makes me tired doing it...lol

  • Maybe Himself could turn your back door into a stable door, with a ledge to stop Milly jumping up.

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