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Didn't Buy An Iron...Bought Bananas Instead.

Out to Roscommon town today because the car had to be taxed...I needn't have gone of course, but there's an office and school supply shop which has arty type stuff for sale and I wanted a slab of air-drying clay.

Had completely forgotten that the children are due back in school on Monday...there was a frantic last minute rush to buy copy books and new pencil cases and such like. They even offer a book covering service...lazy little gits could be like us and sit at the table with plain brown paper, rather than have somebody do it for them with stretchy plastic...

It's a rather up-market sort of a shop though and I suppose the Mothers who frequent it can afford to pay a €1 for each book...

Went to Lidls as well, where I wasn't tempted by a new iron or a cycling helmet but did get a bunch of bananas...after carefully inspecting them in case there was a nasty spider from tropical climes lurking... and a carton of rock hard nectarines which I shall drape the bananas over...they help to ripen fruit, but then I expect you know that already.

Had a bit of a do with Himself over about some Spring rolls...these look nice I said, would you like the chicken ones or the beef...he peered at the package and declared he didn't know. It dawned on me that he stays with what he knows and isn't in the least bit adventurous about food, so I put them in the trolley anyway.

It took me about ten years to persuade him to eat rice.

I'm getting better at buying ready meals than I was...used to regard it as the very height of laziness until it became dangerous to lean over the cooker while using oxygen...we'd only just bought that gas cooker when it was declared to be essential...

Bit of a bummer actually.

The slow-cooker is grand of course...but I tend to forget about it until it's four in the afternoon and too late for a stew...

Tired now after the drive and shops.

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Himself sounds like my hubby as far as food is concerned,he only eats tried and tested food,still won't eat rice,or pasta,he is a meat and two veg person,plain cooked no spices or additives,simple to please but so boring. He won't eat out because he does not know how the food has been handled.

We had a Lidl store open in our town a couple of months ago,but not been in yet.

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I visit our local Lidl store once a week. Things like tissues, kitchen towels are much better value and quality than I can get elsewhere. There foods too are decent quality and good value for money. Like other supermarkets they reduce fresh foods but don't wait till the last minute but give 30% discount 2 to 3 days before the eat by dates.

I do like the themes they have...Greek food or Spanish the opportunity to try something different.

im the same apart from I will eat out lol but wife reckon im boring too , she loves curries , Chinese, spaghetti Bolognese , pasta . rice , I stick with meat veg , fish n chips , salad ,

You'd get on well with Himself then!

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The Lidl's electrical goods are are their tools, come Christmas time they have a lovely selection of biscuits and cakes...all at affordable prices.

I must go and have a look,our local paper says we are now to have an Aldi store in town,never been in one of those either,so we will then have a Tesco,Morrisons,Sainsburys, Co op, Lidl, so plenty of choice.

My husband is quite adventurous. I am the cautious one, When we were in France her ordered Chilli con carne, the meat was black. I told him I was sure it was horse, he didn't turn a hair.

I hated seeing The Chevalier shops with a sign depicting a Horse and foal. I know people eat all kinds of creatures, but it seemed really wrong to see a cute little foal on a horse butcher's shop.

My Mum said she saw a German Shepherd hanging up in a Belgian butchers. I told an English butcher about it, he said on the continent, they eat anything that flies, runs or walks.

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We had better keep on the run then,

A Foal is no different to a calf used for veal...calves are cute!

I thought it was the Chinese is said...will eat anything that flies, runs or walks. When I asked a Chinese girl I was friendly with when I was nursing, she laughed and said it was only the very poor peasants who live in remote areas who'd eat anything...out of sheer necessity.

I don't like meat of any kind. Veal is produced in an appalling manner, poor things. Pretty little lambs hop about in fields with their tails wagging, The dog trade utterly appalls me because of the extreme cruelty. They used stolen pet dogs too.

In famine people have eaten rats. Sad but true.

Morning everyone my hubby says you can only use rice in puds, if I give him a savoury flan its OK but call it a quiche and its a no no. My friends hubby told her he was allergic to almonds but loved battenburg cake , don't you just love em ♥

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Just as well we do

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I love your shopping list Vashti. When it,s term time we don,t see many children in shops but school holidays swarms are everywhere. I didn,t know we still had so many. Entertaining though. X

The older children are allowed out at lunch time here...they make a bee line for the hot food counter in the supermarket...all immensely tall and gangly!

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That reminded me of an incident with my Father. I've always loved mushrooms and my Father always screwed his nose up whenever they were served. I said to hime one day "Why don't you like mushrooms, is it the taste, or what??" He replied "I don't know, - I've never tried them!"........That's men for you! lol. :-D


That's just what Himself is like...don't like it...never tasted it to find

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Sounds like a good trip out though Vashti and you didn't get caught out buying lots of things you didn't want just because the prices were ok in Lidl. I look through the clothing sometimes but neither myself, or any of my family are small/medium so nothing to be had for any of us. I would stick to buying the bananas, which yes are great for helping to ripen fruit, but they then tend to ripen quicker too and I like mine just ripe enough. Confused? so am I!

Pete is a fuss pot over food and is not a rice or pasta lover but he will eat it occasionally. I love making a stew but have to start very early afternoon to have any chance of it being ready for dinner time. No slow cooker which does sound very useful.

Take care. xxxx

We tend to buy the electrical goods...all of which have been top-quality. The slow cooker was one and it's paid for itself over and over.

You asked about storage in my shed...baskets mostly, that fit on the shelves...jam jars for buttons and beads...cereal boxes made into 'files' for patterns etc.

It's still a horrible muddle

Love to you...and Pete of course!

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You take care Vashti. xxxx

sassay 59 slow cooker is well worth getting so nice if you go out for the day to come home and its bubbling away cooked ready to eat , Also very good for slowly cooking the cheaper cuts of meat I always do brisket in it then finish it off for half hour in normal oven just melt in the mouth ,

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Thanks and will chat to Pete about one mmzetor. xxx

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I would not be without a slow cooker. Often put food on over night and awaken to glorious smells of perfectly cooked food.

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