If the BLF Helpline offered a service to help you better manage your finances, would you use it?

Hi Everyone

The BLF is looking at ways of how it can support people on financial matters or managing their money better. The BLF Helpline already offers advice about welfare benefits, fuel bills etc. however we want to see if this advice can be extended to cover other areas. Also if we can offer better advice to people who are retiring early, reducing hours at work , or even giving up work completely due to their condition.

We are not looking to provide financial advice covering issues such as private or work pensions, savings and investments etc. as this is a specialist area.

I placed a Poll on the community last night and there seems to be a little confusion about what I was asking (or more likely I wasn’t clear enough).

Now that’s cleared up (I hope) I’d like to ask you all another question –

Does your condition (or that of your partner) have an adverse effect on your household finances?



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  • What was the result of last night's poll please? Think you're question about household finances is a bit personal.

  • Hi

    No one has to contribute to the discussion if they don't want to.

    If you go to the Poll - you can see the results by selecting "see more".



  • Thank you. Where is this 'see more' please?

  • My condition most certainly has an adverse effect on my finances.

    I do think there may be current members and those in the future who could benefit from more expanded advice.

  • Must admit my gut reaction when i saw it yesterday was 'cheeky b*ggars'! As someone probably at the 'poorest' end of the community, not helped by the fact of having no partner to share my financial load, I am proud of the fact that I use no credit and have no debt. I guess the thought of having financial advice from people who will probably never have to manage like many of us do, did gall somewhat.

    On the other hand if folk did get into difficulty through no fault of their own it might be good if the were a listening ear and someone to point them in the right direction ~ though i have to say in my experience fellow patients who have 'been their and got the T.shirt' are often the best source of advice.

    If BLF could help get companies selling or hiring goods such as portable concentrators and medical aids to display prices publicly like any other business instead of having to call their sales people for a quote , that would be great ~ it's high time that little caper was sored out and it might lead to more competitive pricing.

    Perhaps if you could give fictitous examples of exactly what BLF are proposing we would be better able to respond?

  • I think that would be great. It would be good to be able to ask about finance if you were in a situation where either you or your partner had to finish work early because of their lung condition or had higher outgoings because of the same.

  • Well i wasnt even aware that BLF already offered any kind of help and advice with this sort of thing.

    I would most definitely use them .

    My condition affects my finance......i have an appointment next week at Harefield and because i live in Wales i have to travel the day before and stay over night.....petrol, accommodation and food etc the appointments cost me around £150 each time i go

  • Thanks - that's exactly the type of thing we want to hear - examples of how people may be affected - rather than assuming.

    It isn't about prying into people's private affairs - it's about recognising there are added costs to living when you have a long term condition and us (BLF) investigating what we could do about it - short of waving a magic wand.

    So thanks for your contribution Mandy.

  • Yes having COPD affects my finances - I live alone, have no partner nor children, and no pension for another 3 years thanks to this b####y government - as I am living off my savings cannot get any help with rent or anything else but do get some PIPs although that has been cut recently. My FEV is 25% and I can hardly walk so have to pay someone to get my shopping do my housework etc all from my dwindling savings I can drive but cannot afford to run a car, and am not well enough to take public transport, so have to rely on the kindness of a cousin for any trips out and she works and is busy with her own life - I am not moaning I know I am lucky to have any savings but worry what will happen when they are gone - although I appreciate you can offer advice I cannot see how you could help me - but please if you can and they want it am obviously in favour of you helping others.

  • Thank you

  • Oh you must be so stressed out. Its hard coping with being ill without having to pay for it. I've had to spend an arm and a leg on clothing because my weight can change dramatically and I didn't even think of it till I read your reply. You should get in touch with Blf and see if they can offer some suggestions or try your GP or even adult social services. I hope someone can help to take the pressure off a little.

  • Thanks Mandy although as I said I am lucky I have savings (for the moment anyway) it is actually quite difficult even with paying to get help that is reliable and trustworthy , and as I have just moved am sort of in between people now - still my choice I wanted to try and live alone again as I have always been very independent and hopefully with time it will all work out ok. Know you have not had it easy so thank you for your concern and take care xx

  • I think that it is a good idea and the more help sufferers can get in all walks of life, the better. Good luck with this!! :)

  • I know my finances have been affected by lung conditions...My three children were asthmatic, they were often ill or in hospital or had to be driven to school. I had to work on a one day contract, flexible hours job, with little security.

    Then I developed asthma /COPD and had to retire early, so now I have a reduced pension. I also had to rely on financial help from my parents and of course my husband, so now I am a dependent I guess.

    But we are all still here, my daughters have full time jobs and manage their asthma symptoms now.

    This was many years ago and I was not aware that benefits may have been available...so there may be help for parents now...it would be useful for them to know.

  • Thank you for your contribution

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