PEOPLE need to Report A CRIME & BREACHES of the HUMAN rights ACT where's OUR HUMANITY

PEOPLE need to Report A CRIME & BREACHES of the HUMAN rights ACT where's OUR HUMANITY

With Yesterday's DWP revaluation about all those declared Fit to Work and lies and disregard for people's conditions as for people's sick notes fit for work notes.

The DWP are Committing a criminal offence : Serious questions need asking why U.k is breaching Human rights law I.e RIGHT to LIFE : forced labour & lieing when clearly sick and disabled are under GP Consultants care medical certification.

Those poor sods who have died do have a voice from the grave as far as I am concerned @David Cameron & @Ian Duncun Smith It's called the Coroners & Justice Act 2009 ... And what DWP are doing is a criminal act ... can we get away with committing criminal acts IN short no .. So why should they.

Thay DWP ATOS etc are acting as recruiters for unscrupulous employers So are committing a offence under the coroners & justice act 2009 I.e people trafficking with out trafficking BUT the criminal offence of recruiting and forced labour thus breaching your human rights to boot.

I call on every one reading this post AS like they say for the sake of there go I @Yvette Cooper MP as a lot of explaining to do esp as she is party of opposition as so do the Police or DOSE not Breaches of EU law and UK coroners & justice act 2009 not constituent a crime criminal act.

Everyone of our DISEASED SOULEs as had to do our job's SO why DON't THAY.

I SAY do your jobs as I am reporting a crime and arrest those responsible for said offences and breaches of the law and EU law as what is happing is not part of any civil society I know or want to take part in.

Here is Why this no opposition and murder can continue

So I would like others to right to the MP's And Report Crime To the Police

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Where will it end? Will they succeed where Hitler failed?

I read yesterday that workers at the benefit agency in Scotland are given a flash card to access weather or not claimants are serious about suicide in the light of ids latest campaign to get people with mental health issues back to work by starving (cutting benefits) and terrorising them. Of course people with m/h issues are already in the m/h system, mental health is grossly underfunded, anyway where are the jobs suitable for people with these extra needs? The workers will be under awful stress, and the are not a mental health assessment team with years of training, support and a specialist supervision network behind them, it's inhuman and cruel, will write and will sign, rant over, good morning Dennis xxx

I'm amazed ids and Dwp haven't offered a one off payment for Dignitas yet there thinking would you'll feel a lot better after and it would get you off the sick ?????

don't give him ideas please xx

Good post (apart from the picture of that awful man - nearly gave me a heart attack to see his ugly inhuman face!).

I want to know where are the jobs, and where are the employers who will take on someone sick? It's hard enough to get a job when you are fit these days. It's just a ruse to force ill people onto JSA and the starvation benefit of £73.00 a week.

All I hope is that those who voted for him and his ilk are the ones who suffer!

Imagine the money He'd save only having to pay JSA instead of ESA wether anyone gets a job or not

Yes he does have a horrible face .

Looks like something nasty is going to come out of his mouth.

I gather it did..

I don`t like the fact that these politicians elected by the wealthy are now doing what they are renowned in doing, that is, cutting down the less fortunate benefit..

Daz is right, they are killing people and taking away our Human rights...

Scotland recognised the danger of these people and all but one constituency threw them out..

IDS As Daz said, is responsible for the lies and deceit of the DWP and the staff of DWP are seemingly given targets as regards to sanctions to meet or they are sent for re-training or possible dismissal..

If this was you or I telling such lies or enforcing this kind of working practice onto staff........ WE would get the boot,,, and that is what should happen to IDS..

Lets face it, My local authority pension got a 1% rise this year woo hoo, a penny chew.

Politicians.. were forced ( ha ha ) to take 10% pay rise, and greatly inflating their public service pension...

Some more social conscious MPs say they will give the extra £7000 .00 to charity the PM said " I will not accept this pay award, and I am trying to get it overturned.. the only thing he got overturned was his attitude towards accepting the pay rise.. He took it and refused to join junior ministers I donating it to charities..

Many disabled people are disabled because of an accident at work and some kind of industrial disease... many more are unable to work and have been classified BY ATOS.. As unable to do any work.

IDS Won't know what graft is, he has never got his hands dirty or had to look down the back of the sofa to find loose change just to buy a loaf of bread.

I`m doing my head in even thinking about these human rights terrorists..


I know we all have a thing with the DWP but please can we keep politics off here it only cause ill feelings

No we can't esp when it's killing people : that's whats up with country people are to keen to turn a blind eye

Well until the become a victim of such reforms injustice .. Then it's o what's happened ..

keep politics off ............what the he## do you think this is all about - this is politics or should I say the consequence of voting for this so##ing government keep it off .......................... I am sorry but that is just so .,........

I'm on here to be with like minded people who have illness as COPD not to have political discussions. because if that's the case I'm off.

Well why comment on my post eh ... there is loads of other post you could inject your positive feed back am sure.

My post is Health & Wellbeing ... can you survive on nothing

Joyce surely the way disabled people get treated should concern us on a health forum. Im not on pip myself. Its not just politics its life. robin

Joyce, I also have COPD and it bothers me greatly that one day I will not have enough to live on or be forced out to work even though I am oxygen dependent and in the final stage of this nasty disease. Politics is a part of everyone's lives but could impact on ours more than on others in this regard. It matters and therefore will be debated.

But it will affect people with copd who are to ill to work and care for themselves. So yes we do need to act, the site it self yesterday asked all members if they set up a finance advice link

would we use it, and this will affect a lot of very ill people not just copd this is one f so many deaths,, your post highlites the truth, if your benefits are stoped because of perhaps 2 minutes late to sign on due to your health struggling to get there , you get nothing your back to square one,, so if you need electric for your mediactions stored in a fridge and have no money to buy it,, mediacation rote and you die as a fella did just that, he had cancer, heart attack history was in a wheelchair,, he died as a result of his benefits being stoped, its ok if say you have family looking out for you, many have no one at all,, its ok people saying well im fine me nothing to do with me ,, and turning a blind eye to it,, but when s$$$ hits home to the well im fine people that's when they will no what its like ,, ids is a monster and needs outing for what he as achieved , which is suffering of the so many vulnerable ones of our society today, its fine him grining and sayin , er o its not me im just the minister in charge I cant answer whats happening in different areas of the u, k , so basically hes laying blame on the staff at the centres when full well he is to blame as is david Cameron,, culobale neglect of his duty of care for the citizens of the u,k, who depend on the benefits to basically survive day in day out,, without the need to nearly beg for there benefits and be sanctioned pitifully like a child ,, as that's how I think were seen by them in power,, power brings greed brings hatred , brings I don't care s$$$$$ attitude by the ones who av been elected,, well not me from a start,, the deaths of so many with welfare reforms can not go ignored by us or the more fortunate in society ,, that's why the sick, vulnerable ones and the more fortunate of us needs to stay together in this,, ids needs to go and answer for his actions, not the job centre workers , there acting under orders so we blame them , no there doing a job and if so many are not sanctioned it falls on that worker at the job centres head,, so ask yourselves this,,, who is ordering this ,, well whos the minister ,, ids, whos his boss,, david Cameron, the pm of the united kingdom,, rant over so I hope ids really chokes on his £39 breakfast ,, each day,, nice when you can and stuff it in his belly while others are living hand to mouth,, eat , heat,, which to buy its a hard one that one,, when your benfits have been stoped on a technicalty, then sorted months later, so in the months later what are you expected to do,, housebound bedridden, no one to help you, o the anwers simple.. we withere away and die,, ids as another victim,, to answer for,, but as I said, hes said its not me its the workers at the job centres making mistakes and misinterpreting my orders,, yes right wiggle out again, no your in charge your the one needs answerin for whats gone on, hidden and now all of its coming out,, like the chilcott report 6 yrs and still nothing,, thought Watergate was bad uk is as bad as well at covering up the most important things ,, troops died people died as were dying now,, we need answers now ,, not ten years down the line, when alf of the mps are dead , and we are,, the ones that scoff at people acting for the underdog, remember eh one day it could be you or a loved one in dire straights ,, mite think o I should have or o I could have done something,, well nows the time we stay together the sick, vulnerable ones of our society with the more abled and we voice our concerns together , good post by the way,, sorry for the rant but needs saying,,

Excellent post.

Toci from you thank you,, an honour for me that ,, meant every word tho,, we need all of us,, sick, vulnerable and the more abled to stay together in this campaign to get ids out and anwer for so many deaths, theres been a lot really to many need not have died,, sad so sad a disgrace to the uk, who is first to help other countries in need, when uk is crying out for help for our own ,, reminds me of china,, I watched a programme once shouldn't have mind sad,, cryin rooms of china were baby girls have there feet binded and left there to well the inevitable really,, bit like us dumped on the scrap heap ,, forgotten till its in the papers and then its o never new he or she was so ill and was struggling,always luked ok had a wee smile , but now I think er id not seen her, or him in ,, er ille think now,, o yes last easter or was it easter before,, id known her or him yrs,, well couldn't have known much then in all them yrs,, that's the attitudes we need changing in our society today,, new ,, or New,, gossip or a friend in need ,, thank you Toci,,

The situation is horrendous, I would happily see IDS and many other politicians of all parties shunted off into outer space. but I think Joyce's point was that a Health Forum is not the place for PARTY political rants - and I agree. On the other side of the coin most of us know people who have been getting away with milking the system for years but I wouldn't dream of "shopping" them.

It is true the people who need help for many different reasons are been made to suffer because of so many people conning the what is the best system in the world.

The British national health services.

It's a cruel world.

Is sick what this GOV get away with ... The lady in the video Speaks Out TODAY re her mothers claim treatment and her death and how it was hastened by long delay in processing her benefits'

Well said Daz and IDS should definitely resign after what has come out this past day or so. It is a disgrace that people who are very ill are considered fit for work. This is supposed to be a civilised society but sadly the Government has proven that to be untrue. xx

I have said this many times the system needs changing its hard to believe that a party who bangs on about working people could of set this system up.

Mr Brown I hope you are proud of yourself and I BM ducan smith is just as bad I now think the labour party are just watered down Tories and I don't think either party will change.

I hope all those people who have died due to this barbaric system come back and haunt them. When I die in coming back to haunt them Viagra sales will go through the roof so take a guess at what I will do😁

The guy who changed all the rules and put the new system in place was labour then the Tories got in and he jumped ship and joined them. It was probably a long term plan and the Tories have run with it a system that failed at day one but caused so much stress and cost the tax payer a fortune because tribunals went through the roof

Just popped in to say goodbye if I want to rant on about politics I'd rather rant in about illegal immigrants and paying them to have 4 wives

Hi and welcome Penny, Ive been here about 9 weeks now, new to copd. This is the first post Ive come across that touched on politics so please don't let it make you run away. Its a pretty good site for getting to grips with our health problems and the members are very welcoming and helpful.


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