Yet again I have another chest infection .I hate feeling like this can't breath and so tired ....its all my own fault I smoke and just can't kick the habit I so wish I do this time because I'm sure I would start to breath a lot better never given up for long enough before maybe 3 weeks at the most I know I've got to give up just so hard ....any advice please

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it is difficult to stop smoking. I quite back in '92 with the help of Nicorette gum. Didn't have the 'vape' back then. I guess if I still smoked I would not be around. If you can do it for three weeks you are in with a chance. Have you tried to get some help?

Good luck


I did take champix tablets but felt awful on them had nightmares don't really want a vape need to kick it all together Vape would make me want a real one I think .I always make excuses lime I will cut down but then never do once this chest has cleared up def off to drs for help this time x

Try not to smoke while you've got a chest infection. It will only take longer to clear up.

Do you have lung problems? I have COPD & I'm so glad I stopped smoking. I feel so much better for it. Take care, get well soon 💐

Thank you I just seem to always get chest infection from a cold have had xrays but they OK so I really must give up before they are not thanks for your advice x

Absolutely! It would be the most sensible thing you could do.... Give up now! You know it makes sense! Good luck 🍀

Surely worth a try on the vapes? Nothing ventured nothing gained and they just might work. Imagine that!

Hi, yes it's very, very difficult to kick a habit of a lifetime.... But there's plenty of help out there! Visit your GP or pharmacist who can prescribe aids such as gum, patches etc to assist you.

You will feel soooo much better if you stop! You will breathe easier, have more strength..... Yes I know you've heard it all before but maybe it's now the time to take action & kick the habit for your own good...... You know it makes sense so go for it...... We're all here to give you encouragement! Good luck! 💐

if you have tried everything your GP and Pharmacist can provide and you have not managed why not try e -cigs as a half way measure, try cutting down on them slowly. It is hard my husband smokes a pipe (he should give up because of my bronch but the nicotine has a calming effect on duodenal ulcers. Also a friend stopped smoking and ulcerative colitis came back. However, most people need something else to substitute. Are you a chain smoker or a comfort smoker. I find it hard not to comfort eat when stressed so do not feel to badly about yourself just start to think how much better you will feel with easier breathing. Anyway good luck. K

I used patches

Dear Smoker, Hope you don`t have a thing against prayer because I finally quit when I got into deep one sided conversations with the Old Boy. Told him I knew He didn`t approve of my smoking therefore He had better do something about. I admitted I did not want to quit, but knew it was the right thing to do. etc. after about 2 or 3 days of these relentless conversations I stopped. Thanks be. I smoked the last one in the pack and never bought anymore. Whoopie. If an irreverent thing like me can get divine help you can too.

When I was a smoker I didn't like to think about how much it was costing me - healthwise or moneywise, I sort of knew but avoided thinking about it until I really wanted to pack up. I had stopped three times previously for a few weeks and then a couple of months at a time but the last time I stopped (9years ago), that was it. The thing that had finally made the difference for me wasn't patches or any of the other aids, it was a change in the way I paid for them. I worked out how much I was spending on cigarettes each week and put that amount in a jar -( at the time it was £26 a week) then when I needed a pack of ciggies I took the money for them out of the jar, and I really started to resent 'robbing' myself in this way. On that first Monday I had £26 to do whatever I wanted with, by Sunday there was £8 left - that in itself was an improvement and the better I got at cutting down and saving money the more I resented wasting it on smoking. I'm not saying that I didn't miss smoking or that I soon stopped buying them, it took about four months before I stopped dipping into my savings but watching the money mount up made a big difference to my 'willpower.' It just seemed so pointless to waste money on cigarettes while at the same time thinking twice about what I could and couldn't afford.

I hope you soon find a way that works for you.

I wrote you a very long letter and just when I was going send... The net went down. ...sorry I can't write all that again.

In short I smoked for over 50 years I am 63 now. 3 months ago told I had copd lung capacity 50%.

Stop smoking that day.

Now test shows 72.8% lung capacity.

Dear friend. . I have very good reasons to want to live as longer.

You really have to stop smoking that the thing proven to slow down this terrible thing.

Good luck to you.

Thank you x

Thank you for taking the time to reply and well done on givingvup xx did you give up just like that? Did you struggle at all I admire you greatly as I have no willpower whatsoever and get really cross with myself for giving in x

Yes I stop that day and it was easy easy and easy.

You see a had an advantage over most people when it comes to fear. One is 4 years old and the other is 6 years old. The fear of not being there to provide and protect them...can you be more scared then that.

Give your yourself something to do.

Good luck.

Wow, what a big increase in fev. I hope plenty of people see this Wedderburn, it's so encouraging for people on here to read of the improvement that can be made by stopping smoking.

Absolutely fantastic !!!

It is certainly not easy. I used patches and fear. Depends how much you want to live? Keep trying, you will get there. xx

Think I may get the patches I need to give up can't keep on with chest infections every time I get one it really scares me not being able too breath is horrid xx thanks for your input x

Close your eyes. See the smoke as a dirty smog all around you. Take one step forward, out of it, and refuse to step back inside the poison. And remember, the trick is not to give up giving up. It does not matter how many times you try - as long as it is one more than you fail. I wish you strength.

In my opinion the patches don't make any difference. I used to smoke with patches on! I started by cutting down, smoking less & less by changing my smoking routine. You'll know what I mean. Then I just decided one day enough was enough & have not smoked since. You have to WANT to STOP! Good luck! 💐

totally understand where your coming from the more I worry about the damage its done the more I want one mad but I suppose when we had bad news or stress we turned to the fags .

This is so true I know how bad it is and I know it will make me worse but still blinking doing it ...its mad I really really must give up just need the strength to do it x

We get stressed...we smoke....we continue to be stressed. The thing that gave us stress does not go away because we had a cigarette.

I gave up with Allen Carr hypnotherapy. Expensive but well worth it. 07/12/2013 was my quit date. Think they do books and cds etc cos the hypnotherapy was £250. Maybe checkout eBay?? Keep on trying and good luck. You will definitely benefit. X

Venny, I quit overnight with an e-cig and that was going on 6 years ago now. The thought of pulling smoke into my lungs now nauseates me - it's your decision and they're your lungs but until you stop inhaling burnt tobacco smoke you are never going to improve. I've given up for 1 or 2 years in the past but always fell off the wagon - that won't happen again because I have an effective substitute; whatever method you choose please just stop!

Hi I was the same one year chest infection jan ,April then June doc got very annoyed as I also was smoking very tired as well I gave up dec 2012 with the help of champix been smoking for 42 years 20 a day very s o b and now I find breathing better and I go to the gym I have copd mod was diagonised jun 2013 you can do it also read Allen Carr on giving up smoking keep on trying to give up one day at a time Marian xx

Hi, I know how hard it is but stick with this site. There are so many lovely people to help you and they will never judge you. I am now 6 months without cigs and it does get better. Please stick in there xx

Congratulations! Six months is a lovely milestone to pass. x

Until you want to quit smoking more than you want to smoke, you will never do it!

I wanted to quit so much 10 years ago, after 40 years of smoking, and I did it. It was the hardest thing I did in my life, but I came out at the other end. I used all the aids possible at the time.

The secret of a quit is to prepare for it,........have strategies ready, such as what you will do when you get a craving and so on. It is not easy, but it is doable!

I am off to the market today to get an e CIG ... I have had 1 cigarette I will admit but made me feel horrid .. I need so.etching as I'm afraid my husband will leave me lol I am so bitchy at the moment and lose it at the simpliest of things chest is feeling slightly better today though. Thank you everybody for your advise I really want to crack this x

I got an e cig nearly 18 months ago, best thing I ever did. Not had a ciggie since. Changed my whole life. Good on you for giving it a go. And good luck


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