my ham and tomato tree

my ham and tomato tree

A very rare tree, from a cutting from the darkest of rain forests, called hamtomatilis ha ha :D :D

i lost the head when trying to take the photo, :D

believe that and you'll believe anything :D have fun :D

Lots of love jimmy xxx :D

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  • Can I have a cutting please ? :)

  • :D :D :D i,ll branch out and send you one puff :D [the jokes get bark-ing worse :D ]

    thanks puff, its only a laugh :D

    take care jimmy :D

  • :)

  • :D :D :D

  • :D :D :D

    jimmy :)

  • When i was a child my granddad would tell me he was planting crisp trees and i believed him

  • mandy pmsl and spilt my tea.

  • ha ha :D :D , watch where you spilt it Tam :D

    take care jimmy :D

  • hahaha...i was only about 3 or 4...he use to ask me what flavour i wanted and i always said "salt and vinegar"

  • :D :D jimmy xx :)

  • Hi Mandy,

    when i was child,, my father was going to plant me !! :D :D

    its great what you remember now, what your grandad told you, bet most of us got told a few things like that :)

    next stop,, a crisp tree :D

    lots of love jimmy xxx :)

  • Ham and tomato tree would sit nicely next to a spaghetti tree....does anyone remember that April Fools joke on TV many years ago?

  • Hi knitter, i cant remember that one,

    but remember "candid camera " :D

    Where they dug a hole at the 18th hole in the golf course, put a man in it, covered it up perfectly, with a grass lid, complete with hole. the guy putted his last ball into the hole, went over to pick the golf ball out, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and a hand came out and handed it to him :D :D

    poor guy almost took a heart attack :D :D

    jimmy :D

  • Was that the one about spaghetti growing out the ground on a tree? That rings a bell! 😂😂

  • Delicious! You won't be stuck when we all come for tea!!!! 😂😂

  • hi happy,

    think thats the next step , a crisp and spaghetti tree , it might not look nice :D but it would taste nice :D

    take care jimmy :)

  • :D :D need a bigger tree :D :D

    many thanks happy,, jimmy :)

  • " Hahahaha So funny...My dad used to have to take a shovel and some newspaper and go dig up our was even worse.... I believed him. Lol...shame... x Megan.."

  • :D :D ha ha, great :D megs.

    my dad used to plant old threepenny bits with the potatoes, [true ] so that when they were ready, my brother and i dug them up :D

    aye, my dad wasn't so daft :D

    take care megs, hope all is well ,, jimmy :)

  • Lovely,could have a whole orchard of them. Hope you are keeping well Jimmy xx

  • hI Lyn , yes that would be great :D

    i'm improving now lyn , day by day, many thanks,

    lots of love jimmy xxx :),

  • The things that dad's and grandads said.......made me laugh. My gran used to say that if she didn't take a splinter out of my finger using a needle that the splinter would grow into a tree.

    There was a wooden carving in their local church of The tree of Jesse, so that was a bit worrying.

  • yes its true that knitter, but its great to believe things like that as kids

    [i still believe in santa :D lol ]

    yes a wee bit worrying when you saw The tree of jesse :D bet you were glad to have any splinters taken out :)

    many thanks for your input knitter,

    jimmy :)

  • You are such a pickle jimmy and nice to see your smilies again. wishing you well.

    Take care. xxxx

  • Hi sas.great to see you,:) hope you are well, many thanks for your kind wishes, :)

    You take care now,

    lots of love jimmy xxx :)

  • Very good Jimmy. Did anyone used to watch Police Squad? They would do things like that. I remember them talking about a Japanese tree, the Bonsai, and it showed all these Japanese people planted in the ground :) x

  • Hi cough, hope things are well with you, :)

    i think police squad were watching me !! :D

    but yes, i remember these things,,,, the japanese tree ha ha :D great isn't it

    lots of love cough, take care jimmy xxx :)

  • Nice to see you my favourite sandwich an old friend of mine has a green house grows all his tomatoes can't beat them

  • Hi onamission, yes no doubt about it, home grown is the best :)

    jimmy :)

  • Hi Jimmy we're home & I'm working my way through all my emails. It's lovely to see you posting ☺ I see your sence of humour is still great. 😁.

    I prefer cheese & ham bit I'll still come to tea please. I've just put a cake in the oven so I'll bring some xxx

  • :D hi Nan, , def.:D,, bring some cake :D

    hope your getting through your emails now,:D

    this is me up 3am!! its the steroids love jimmy xxxx :)

  • Oh dear I hate the Steroid night shif & it comes round just when you need your sleep to get over the bugs. By the way how is your daughter. Best wishes Nan xxx

  • hi Nan, my daughter is fine, the countdown starts :) 10 days today [officially ]

    struggling a wee bitty myself, but we'll get there :) love jimmy xxx :)

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