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Very slight emphasymia diagnosis

Hi partner today found out he has mild emphasymia, he's being treated for a typical tb,so she wants that sorted first,but says although he has emphasymia very slightly she isn't worried, and told him to stop smoking and change diet etc....but I'm struggling to take it all in,I'm petrified of losing him,he's only 47.... He's not overly concerned and says I should stop worrying as it's not a death sentence! Any replies welcomed. :)


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I was diagnosed 4 years ago with very severe emphysema. It hasn't got any worse since. I still drive, go shopping and do the part time job I was doing before being diagnosed. I do things slower and have to plan ahead. I'll probably die of old age rather than through emphysema and I expect your partner will as well. Tell him to keep active.


Hi Michelle, I also have very mild emphysema but told if stopped smoking (which I did) it would not get any worse (nearly 18 yrs ago) . I have also had atypical TB (micro bacterium xenopi to be precise) that was brought on by my rheumatoid meds. Non contagious, but was on meds for round about 2 yrs, but it hasn't come back, that had to be about 5yrs ago. Hope this puts your mind at rest a bit. Take care both of you.

jan x


Hi guys,thank you for the replies, I feel a little better now,especially since partner gave up smoking! I too gave up nearly 3 weeks ago,it's amazing how easy it is to give up when something actually happens due to smoking!


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