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UPDATE : Spleen & fungemia or Bacteremia

UPDATE : Spleen &  fungemia or Bacteremia

As some will know I asked if anyone knew what those chain light calls rods where in my blood as illustrated with picture.

Had few great replays SORRY could not respond to each and everyone BUT had quite a lot of suffering symptoms.

Anyway ONLY thing I know is the are rods spore chains LIVER & GI doc thinks it's fungus chains .. or bacteria spore chains I think OR could even be contaminated slide SO I will be having to watch that.

My other question is how many suffers have had issues with spleen re these chains rods spores


I was shocked to find out a health spleen weights 5 grams yet a diseased or hard working one can weighs kilos.

Anyway I was also surprised to find out that our spleens contain bacteria & yeast that can be ok in blood BUT is not yeast a fungus.

Guess I will know if I get colonised by those chains Bacteremia or what ever the are

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Even tho I am a nurse this sounds like a foreign language to me.


Hi Gerald999 Cheers am surprised given your a nurse.

But on other hand i not really ..

We are talking about bactria in the blood


fungus yeast bactriea


D3NIS I am great at dressing wounds, treating burns, giving medications, changing pads and do the most perfect hospital corners when making beds.


Nout wrong with that :)

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Keep on pressing them and you will get the info you want in the end. x


It might be worth asking your GP to refer you to a specialist or have you got a Nuffield hospital close to you I know they are private and would cost around £120.00 - £150.00 but at least you would get help


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