Normal values?!

I received a letter from the respiratory consultant and it's gobbledygook to me. He wrote that he thinks intersitital lung disease (prob spelled wrong, worry!) is a possible diagnosis. I had basic spirometry and he put values for FEV1, FVC and MMEF in percentages. I am impatient and have consulted Dr Google on what normal values are meant to be for my age but no luck. Can anyone shed any light please?

Thanks in advance.

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  • Hi Crashdoll

    If I was you I wouldn't be happy with a 'thinks it's an interstitial lung disease' from a supposed respiratory consultant. As I've mentioned several times on this site a standard respiratory consultant is not well informed where ILD's and fibrosis are concerned.

    I am surprised that he has only done a spirometry test and not a lung function test. With ILD's one of the important measurements is the DLCO which measures the amount of oxygen your lungs are able to transfer to your bloodstream. An HRTC is also essential in the diagnosis.

    As he is diagnosing a 'potential ILD' from your spirometry results I assume that the figures indicated a restricted disease process. The percentages that are displayed on your results are already based on your age, gender, weight and as such are based on the normal average for you. There are some good videos on YouTube that explain spirometry results. I particularly like the ones by Dr Roger Seheult on the link shown below:


  • will watch these in morning when I'm more alert xx thanks

  • This was extremely interesting for me being new to copd. it explained things in a way I understood. last one lost me for a minute, but I will re watch and take some notes. (thats because I don't always remember stuff unless I have it printed where I can read it often). So thank you for the link, I am wiser and being wiser will help me deal with my copd.


  • Wow that's a great link thanks. I watched all 5 parts. At first it was simples but got much harder to understand later. It's very informative though. x

  • Hi Crashdoll.

    I don't really understand the values too well. Mine indicate Restrictive Lung Disease, airway narrowing (not asthma or COPD) and I have shadows on both lungs caused by who knows what.

    I recall you saying that you were seeing the Resp Consultant privately which is just what I did. On the basis of probability and in the absence of sufficient information, mine wrote to me listing my diagnoses as: Lupus, probable Pulmonary Embolism, possible pericarditis, possible cardiomyopathy, possible asthma, aspiration and Central Sleep Apnea topped off with Malnutrition!! I was very anxious and upset on receipt of this badly written letter as you can imagine. Several months later with all the tests in hand, the only correct diagnoses from his comprehensive list are Lupus and CSA.

    Try not to worry too much until the Doc has all the information he needs. Medicine is no place for guesswork. Keep us posted. Best wishes. Clare

  • Hello Crashdoll,my Fev1 is 23% ,I have very severe emphysema and awaiting the fitting of valves.My breathing is so bad I struggle to do most things but struggle I do .everyting takes for ever but I get there in the end.I will be 60 next year but never expected to get past 40 due to a life of debauchery too much drink,too much drugs and not enough sex lol.Now it,s no drink,no illicit drugs and I,ve forgotten what sex is.D. Ps.I would,nt take too much notice of Dr Google,most of it is nonsense.

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