Advice needed re antibiotics

I am into my third week with an awful cough with sputum yellow coloured. I have PF and when I saw my Specialist Nurse last week she said she would send to pulmonary physio. In the meantime would any of you ask for antibiotics . My GP does tend to defer to consultant but it is really difficult to see him apart from planned appointments. I notice that some members have emergency packs of antibiotics. I have only being diagnosed 12 months and this is my first really bad attack. Many thanks Moll x

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  • I have both antibiotics and steroids in case get a chest infection or increase in breathlessness. I also have sputum sample cup and documents to submit sample for microbiology to establish what bug is causing infection. I submit this as soon as I start taking the ab and steroids. I also inform my respiratory nurse and my doctor so they can look out for the results. I would definitely ask for antibiotics an steroids as standby meds.

  • Think i will ask for that too.

  • Thank you for your reply. I have an appointment tomorrow and shall ask him about having a sample pot and form as well as antibiotics.

    Moll xx

  • I would ring gp you should be given an emergency appointment if you have lung problems so he can check if its a chest infection and discuss with him about have a rescue pack at home too.

  • Thank you I have an appointment for tomorrow and will ask for discuss rescue pack for home. Moll x

  • Hi Moll! Sorry to hear you are under the weather. I don't know anything about PF but I've got COPD. It certainly sounds like a chest infection, although obviously you need to see a doctor to confirm. I always have an emergency pack of antibiotics & steroids at home. At the first sign of a chest infection, I can start the course then go to my GP. Maybe you could ask about having an emergency pack. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful to you but I wish you well & hope you get better soon 🌷

  • Thank you for your reply you were very helpful. Appointment tomorrow with GP and will ask about emergency pack which everyone seems to have to hand.

    Moll x

  • I get far too many infections, and take antibiotics. My specialist nurse does worry that I take too many, but interestingly I have just seen a Lung Physio Consultant at the hospital, and she insists that I MUST get infection free and must continue the antibiotics until that happens. I have had a lot of help with the physio and I am so glad I get to see her regularly at the moment, just to check how I am doing with the lung exercises. DEFINITELYgo to the surgery immediately when you start coughing, feeling unwell etc. a couple of years ago, I left it far too long and REALLY had problems. My surgery are very very good though and the moment I say I have COPD I get an appointment that day. I also have emergency steroids and antibiotics at home, thankfully. Good luck :)

  • Thank you for your reply. I have an appointment tomorrow. I am waiting for an appointment with Physio for exercises but she said that can take months!!

  • Keep asking for it!!!!!!!! good luck :)

  • I was told that yellow or green sputum shows there is an infection. I have emergency antibiotics and steroids to keep at home. I take these immediately I show the signs of infection and also take a sputum sample to the g.p. This will be tested to make sure you are on the correct antibiotics and if not you will be given the correct ones. Speak to your g.p. soon before the infection gets any worse. Best wishes barnowl

  • Thank you appointment tomorrow and hopefully get it sorted. Moll x

  • Hi Moll

    Definitely ring for an appointment. If they can't give you one ask for a telephone consultation. If the doc wants to see you when he has spoken to you they will find an appointment. When you see doc you might want to speak to her/him about having a supply of abs at home - very beneficial if you start with an infection at the weekend or holidays. Also ask about sending in samples.

    Good luck hun and I hope you are feeling better soon.

    love cx

  • Thank you. Appointment tomorrow. Moll x

  • Good - let us know how you get on hun. cx

  • Hi Mollie, those with lung conditions need to avoid infections in the lungs. Please get to your dr to get some antibiotics and try mucous clearance techniques to get the mucous which is a breeding ground for bugs out of your lungs. Please check out this website you can make a positive pressure device to loosen mucous using a bottle and tubing (or straws if you have no tubing).

    Also google huff coughing and do that after the bubbling to see how it helps to cough up mucous. Try the water bubbling and see if it helps you clear mucous- I think you will find it useful. An easier and portable device without water is the Acapella Device, you can use it in all positions even lying down. YOu can get it on prescription in the UK so ask your dr about that too. Good luckxx

  • Thank you Jenss. I have an appointment with GP tomorrow. Physio appointment might take a couple of months, but will look into your suggestions as I will try anything. There seems to be more information here than with my Specialist Nurse or ILD Consultant. Moll xx

  • Only way to find out what kind of infection is a sputum test to see if its bacteria or viral. I have yellowish sputum for a long time...he told me that my asthma is causing the yellowish color in my sputum. I need too... also need to get a sputum test to see if he is right.

    I think I have a bacteria that is hard to get rid off and causing my asthma symptoms. Starting to see that infections with our respiratory disease is common.

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