Hope for the future

Hi all - many thanks to all who passed on information following my last post about my brother-in-law's illness - collating all the info for him and when it's in some sort of order I'll post it here - just a visit to share a post Tom's daughter put on Facebook recently - she's gone back to uni to do a nursing degree after raising her family and this rather sad post does show the desire of NHS staff to provide the best service they can and hope for the future!!!

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  • I believe it was you flib was in the middle of helping Davey when whe was restriced. She was trying to find help with AD. This may be of help slideshare.net/mobile/vinur...

    The best advice on AD I have found in on Bronchiectasis R Us.

    Good luck to you bil


  • That is a very good presentation cof. Thanks. I hope you are wellxxx

  • Thanks again cofdrop for the info

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