Stopped quivering

Well. Been and had my Gastroscopy.

Went with a fairly open mind.

Was given sedation and to be honest I remember him saying meds going in - then - that's the tube coming out now!

The staff were very supportive.

Seems my 'bits' are in tact!

Conclusion was spine encroaching on Osophacus due to Osteoporosis causing restriction to breathing and swollowing

Thanks for all your support folks



4 Replies

  • It's good news in one way stay safe

  • Glad it all went much better than you anticipated Ann. cx

  • Is there anything that an be done to help you? Take care xx

  • Hello.

    And thanks. I think the way to go is exercise for spine/posture.

    Have to accept it aint going away !

    Adjusting lifestyle comes hard . Lot of

    People a lot worse off than me! !

    Ann ☺

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