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Portable Concentrator

Hi, I know this is a long shot but I'm hoping somebody may be able to help me.

I have an Invacare O2 portable concentrator which I keep in my car for when I'm out and about.

Unfortunately the plug on the cable which goes into the power socket (cigarette lighter) keeps falling apart causing me great problems.

I enquired about purchasing a new one but was quoted £95 +vat!!! That's beyond my means I'm afraid.

I wondered if anyone has the same machine but never uses it in a car and would be willing to sell me the cable?

This is the description I found online.


If anyone can help I would be very grateful.

Thanks for reading.


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It may be cheaper to ask a car mechanic to repair yours. Maybe go to somewhere like Halfords and I'm sure they will help you. There are only two wires to the plug. I'd repair it for you if you lived near me ! :)


Good response. :)


Hi Puff

Thanks for replying. I'll do as you advise and ask a car mechanic.

One of my friends is married to a mechanic so I'll speak nice to him.

Thanks again. :-)


Ps. I'm in Fife by the way.


Rather a long way away ! :)

If it's just the bit that goes into the cigarette lighter bit I'm sure he'll help out.


Maplin do a spare for £2.99

There's also do a fused one for £5.99.

This is the unfused one.


Halfords do a fused one for £3.99



Hi Puff,

Thank you so much for your advice. You must have 'surfed' everywhere to find them. :o)

Someone is coming to have a look at it this evening so hopefully I can decide what to do.

Thanks again.



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