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Hiya I'm a 62 woman & seem to have everything going - Mylelodysplasia/RCMD for which I'm transfusion dependent & injecting Erythropoietin weekly, COPD, cervical spondylitis in my lower spine ouch and have now been diagnosed with Aspergillosis because I've been sweating for 9 months & doctors didn't know why. However, on having a bronchoscope it showed up this

pesky fungal infection. Having been on Prednisone, Itraconazole & Mucodyne for 5 weeks my sweats have got so much worse & now I'm literally tied to my flat not able to do anything as I'm constantly soaked. It's so horrible & although I'm on 2 wks annual leave, I have been off sick for 4 wks before that and I'm so worried that I'm going to have to be signed off for yet more time (I commute to London daily, about 3 hrs). I need to work as long as I can but these sweats are preventing me doing so. My GP doesn't know how to help & says I should wait for the anti fungal & steroids to work but that's easy for them to say as they haven't got sweat pouring down from their faces & necks 24/7! Has anyone else suffered from these sweats, surely I can't be the only one even though I have MDS which is a rare blood cancer - trust me to get it (docs have said its not turning into leukaemia) All help will be appreciated as I'm feeling pretty low at the moment ;(

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Hello Gforce, you have a lot of reason to need some cheering up!

I know just how you feel with the sweating, I seem to be having the longest menopause ever and I get so hot I feel like I'm going to combust!!!!😧😞 apparently you can get that fungus indoors or outdoors, I've just been reading about it on Wikipedia.

I suppose you will just have to give the meds time to do their thing and when they do you will feel so much better, sending positive thoughts and hugs, huff xxx💙🌹🌻🌈

Ahh thank you for replying and your good wishes, very sweet of you. You're probably right about the meds so just have to hang in there but it's bloomin hard (and wet!) 😓😏 best regards to you 😘

A very warm welcome to you Gforce. You have a lot to cope with and all the comuting and worrying about work can't be helping one bit. I am so sorry to hear about your struggles. There are some folks on here who have Aspergilosis and hopefully the will get on soon. Keep taking the tablets as they say hun - I hope you start to feel much better very soon.

love cx

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Not surprised you`re feeling low Gforce with all that on your plate. But you`ve come to the right place to be cheered up. I don`t post very often but if I ever have a problem or a question I know there`ll always be someone on here who can help. They`re a super bunch, feel I know them all`cos although I rarely post I read all emails every morning. A big welcome to you and lots of love too, Sheila x

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