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Duty Free

I have COPD and manage it quite well with the help of my doctor and consultant- no chest infection since January 2014 when I also managed to get Swine Flu so it was a very stressful and serious 3 months for us.

My wife now likes to take me to warmer climates usually Spain approx. 4 times a year and she is sure that by doing this it helps my condition by being away from the cold and damp air for 2 or sometimes 3 weeks at a time.

I always have S.A at the airport as I cant manage the steps but my reason for writing on here is to ask if other members have a problem going through duty free to reach the departure lounge. We fly from Bristol Airport and by the time I finish the 8 minute walk through all the perfumes etc I have great difficulty breathing and I find it quite stressful.

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Hello I'm sure you can arrange for an airport wheelchair for when you are there.😃🌟 might make things a little easier!😃


Yes that what I do get wheel chair assistance and never any problem straight to departure lounge


Like the others, I use wheel chair assistance in Manchester Airport as I struggle to queue and walk the distance to the gates from check in. They are happy for my husband to push the wheel chair as he is fit enough to do so - it frees up a member of their team to look after others. I also sometimes use my own wheel chair which is put in the plane hold after I've boarded. I prefer wheel chairs with large wheels that I can propel myself to the airport ones with small wheels which need someone else to push.


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