Anyone Know What Theses Cells Are Found In My BLOOD

Anyone Know What Theses Cells Are Found In My BLOOD

I suffer low Igm and just finished curse of vitamin D3 stuff .. Under my microscope I have never seen stuff cells like this before.

Are these them Free Light Chains or Cast's (Blood)

am just after some much valued feedback on what you think theses cells might be in my blood smear under microscope.


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  • D3nis. You are driving yourself mad, have u done a biology or science??wouldnt have a clue unless u have. Get on and enjoy your life,have some fun.

  • No idea Daz but maybe someone will come on who can help. Wishing you well mate. xxx

  • Sorry I can't help but I hope someone comes along who can. Have you tried the nurses on the BLF helpline?

  • Hi D3NIS don't know the answer but suggest you google something like blood microscopic images you might spot something similar there. It would be very interesting to know.

  • I've just read the lastest news ,and it depends on where the bacteria is lodged as it does not get it all, tests on health news. P f .

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