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I went to my Doctor's with a Bad Chest as I kept getting Chest Infection's and what it seemed Cold's he listened to my Chest and put me in for a Spirometer Test, I was in a really bad way Coughing all the time, bringing up Mucus, choking, falling asleep sitting up (which I never done before) my Feet and Ankles kept swelling, I went for the Results in April and was told by another Doctor that there was some Restriction and that I had COPD and she gave me Tiotropium Powder Capsules 18mcg 1 times a day, Seretide 250 Fluticas Propionate 250/Salmeterol 50 twice a day, Ventolin Salbutamol 100mcg 1 to 2 puffs 4 times a day, I was pretty shocked when she said COPD so after she came back with the 1 inhaler to show me how to use it I said "So I definitely have COPD" and she said yes I asked if I gave up Smoking would it get any better she said no and it would get worse, a few weeks later I seen another Doctor because I was Coughing up Blood and waking up Choking and she referred me to the Respiratory Team but before they see anyone I had a CT Scan done which came back that I had a Minor Abnormality on my Right Lung and to have another CT Scan in 6 Months, I asked my Doctors for Medical Evidence but I got a phone call back saying I haven't been Diagnosed with COPD, I got a little confused then and said that the 1 Doctor said I had COPD and prescribed me all Medication so then I had to take another Spirometer Test which I did with taking all the Medication and the Results came back Normal and I was told today that I have "Not" got COPD and that my Airflow was Restricted because of my Weight, I could understand the Shortness of Breath from my Weight but why am I producing loads of Mucus and have all the symptoms of COPD, I told one of my Friends and they have told me to get a Second Opinion as they have seen how ill i've been with it.

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Hmmmm.... Tricky one.

Whatever it is do try to stop smoking. Be persistent with doctors, polite if you can, keep a diary of your symptoms and what makes it worse. GPs can diagnose COPD too often, it is after all one of the commonest lung diseases.

There are people here with similar tales so hang on in.

All the best, let us know how it goes.

K xx

Hi, it would be an idea to ring the BLF helpline....they can give you expert advice.

I think a second opinion is a must! I was diagnosed with severe COPD last November after my GP telling me to walk more and join a choir! This was ongoing for 5 years and I felt that I was a hypochondriac. I asked for a second opinion but in the end did my own research via this website and the great nurses and am now been seen at Whythenshaw hospital Manchester. What a great team of medics, who investigate the merest yes don't stick to what 1 doctor says, after all the days of them being gods is long gone.


Hi,zLluzx, I noticed you took a Spiromerty test after taking your inhalers......did you take the Salbutamol/ Ventollin as well before the test...I always had to take mine after .

Maybe it's an idea if you live in the North of the UK to try and get a referral to Wythenshaw where Annie was well treated

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Yes I did take all 3 of my Inhalers that day, I did phone up my Doctors Surgery and asked if I had to keep taking them for the Test and they said if I haven't been told to stop taking them to still take them, they said the 2rd Spirometer Test was to confirm so I thought the Test was to see if the Medication was working but now i've read on "What preparation is needed before having spirometry?

You should get instructions from the doctor, nurse, or hospital department that does this test. Always follow these carefully. The instructions may include such things as not to use a bronchodilator inhaler for a set time before the test (several hours or more, depending on the inhaler"

A CT scan would have picked anything major up, sounds like your smoking is a major irritant, as hard as it is, cut down or better still pack it in.

I had an initial diagnosis of copd, which was then said to be asthma. I dont think they can tell and surely having spirometry tests when u r on inhalers is always going to prove negative? Its worrying for you. Best wishes,hope u get sorted.

Think I would be seeking a second opinion. There is absolutely no need for you to stay in this state of indecision and, as you will see from this site, many of us have constant run-ins with our GP's. Do what your gut instinct tells you as sometimes that is better than any doctor's opinion. Take care.

Any body that tells you " if you stop smoking your condition will get worse" is talking rubbish,whatever your condition.Particularly any lung condition needs you to stop smoking as smoking continually makes the condition worse.Stop smoking get plenty exercise and you will improve.I also suggest you find a decent doctor that you can talk to,understand and trust!D.

My mom was told she was asthmatic, but it turned out she had undiagnosed COPD for years and it only came to light when she was rushed into hospital after having a bad chest infection. Her legs kept swelling and she had heart failure because of the strain the COPD caused to her heart. I'm not saying you have heart failure, but I would ask for additional tests. Being on the right medication has made a world of difference to her and her heart failure is no longer severe.

Well, what can I say. Firstly you should either go back to your GP and tell him/her how you feel and what is going on with you, or change doctors. One thing you may try is get your doctor to refer you to Pulmonary Rehabilitation, it is run by nurses who really know what they are talking about and would give you all the information you need, they will also show you exercises you will be able to do because it is so, so important that we keep moving as much as possible. I hate to say this, but you have got to try and stop smoking, very difficult I know but if I can do it then anybody can, there are so many things out there to help you, I am sure you will be able to find something that suits you, have you thought of using an e cigarette? I am sorry if this sounds like I am nagging, but I just want the best for you. Take care and breath easy xx

Hi xLulzx, the stopping smoking goes without saying but I'm sure you know that and don't want to be lectured on it. I've never smoked but, when younger, I worked in the catering trade and have been badly affected by being a heavy passive smoker. You seem to have been prescribed an awful lot of inhalers in one hit, I'd query that but I'd also ask for a lung function test. I think that might reveal what's going on with your lungs and put your mind at rest. When she was younger (13) I was told my daughter had asthma, as I have it too I felt quite knowledgeable and challenged the doctors diagnosis, she very reluctantly agreed to a lung function test which proved she didn't have asthma but a nasal problem. My GP then proudly announced "I didn't think it was asthma", I'll say no more!! I wish you good luck and my advice is don't panic, keep calm and keep mobile. x

Thank you for all for the Replies, I have now been told I have Chronic Bronchitis (3rd Doctor) not bad it's gone from COPD (1st Doctor) to Breathing Restriction from being Overweight (2rd Doctor) .. and 2 Spot's or Scar's showed up on the CT Scan it was hard to see for me looking at it but got another Scan in a few Months.

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