Friendship and all who truly support it

Hi to all those who have recently supported me over the recent problems being quite evident, many allegations have been made against my person while I have been away and at this point I would like to address these allegations from a very small group of individuals who for reasons only known to themselves enjoyed making those unfounded accusations, firstly I have been accused of accepting payment for Advertising which were attached to Medical Information that I found and researched before allowing it to be put on to this site for everyone to read and not just for the few, I have NEVER received a single penny for all the time I have taken in both the research and for the time taken in those contacting me so as I can explain in some detail in what it all means, I hope this statement makes that part very clear as without any evidence it can be construed as slander, this is a meeting place and is a Public one much like being out in the real World, however I choose to say no more about this matter as I am back here to continue HELPING those in need with their serious ailments and not being involved in anyway with people just wishing to be Top Dog, so at this point I would like to thank the many who have supported me on here and have kept in touch by showing their support for this I feel humbled by their friendship and belief in me to which I am very grateful to all of you.

Now to bring you up to what the situation is as regards Pat my wife, she is still recovering from the Emphysema and will be I expect for the next 2 years, next week it will be the 24th month since she was last in Hospital and of recent times she caught a Virus but recovered by being prescribed Antibiotics and steroids by our Doctor while remaining at Home, she is now fully recovered and back in the Garden while the sun shine doing what she loves most, Gardening, a very long journey from 24 months ago when she was so ill, to me it seems like a bad dream now looking how well she is today, all this is because of the Clinical Trial by Professor Malchom Maden in 2003 at the Kings College in London, I used that information at that time because there was nothing else to help her, I had nothing else to go on at that time to help me make that decision but that one artical unlike today, all I had at that time was just my blind faith it would work, IT DID AND HOW, since that time I have constantly searched the World Web sites for any and all information in order to make this help known to everyone who is suffering with this terrible problem, when I read that someone has passed away it saddens me, " if ONLY" I ask myself, but there it is, there are 165 people who are also now using what I have made known to them, not all on here before anyone starts counting, many are out side of this place, I even helped a stranger at the Nottingham City Hospital who's husband has Emphysema, I talk to anyone even while shopping and you would be surprised at how many I find, I pass on help where ever it is needed FREELY, we are all KINDRED SPIRITS so let us all remember that, Friendship and Kindness to everyone and maybe even a better understanding towards each other, lets all move on and try and enjoy this place in helping pass advice on and helping others to stop believing this is the end, it is NOT, we live to fight another day, again thank you all for the support,

Pat and Graham Booth in Nottingham.

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  • There have been a lot of accusations and a lot of upset Graham and hopefully it is now finished with. I am pleased that your wife is doing well and you are to be commended for trying to help others.

  • Im glad to see Pat is doing well...........

    just getting through every day is a trial in itself without anything else coming along.......we are all in the same boat just paddling like mad to keep going x

  • Keep up the good work! Mike

  • It's great to hear Pat is pottering about the garden. Your happiness with her improvement is heartwarming and I, for one, am grateful for what you and your wife have bravely done. Not many would be willing to take a chance like that and share the results so freely. I wish Pat continuing improvement. xx

  • Hello Graham

    Welcome back to the Community. It was really good to talk to you over the last couple of days and good to see you posting again.



  • I'm sure that moderating must be a pretty thankless task and you're never going to please everyone! However, I'm concerned by your reference to talking to Graham over the past day or two when the guidelines say the following:

    "Moderators will not enter into discussion either by email or private message with members about any action taken or not taken."

    Have I misunderstood either your post or the guidelines?

  • You haven't misunderstood my post - And you haven't misunderstood the guidelines.

  • I'm sorry - I genuinely don't understand. You can't be saying, surely, that you broke the guidelines - but I don't see how the 2 statements can be compatible if, as you say, I haven't misunderstood.

  • Thanks for your comments.

  • I didn't put my last post as a question so I'll try rewording it incase you didn't realise I was looking for an answer ....

    How you were able to talk to Graham over a couple of days (as you said) when the BLF HU guidelines say, "Moderators will not enter into discussion either by email or private message with members about any action taken or not taken"?

  • Maybe Mark is an administrator but not a moderator? Not sure if that makes any sense... Also: The line with the moderators from the guidelines I took to mean they will not discuss it with a member (as in a bystander or someone who may have reported someone) but may discuss it with the affected member.....???? Lastly, guidelines are just that they are not absolutely always enforceable....

  • Logic suggests that whatever the conversation between Mark and Graham consisted of, and assuming it was in fact conducted by email or PM, they did not discuss "any action taken or not taken."

  • yep that make sense...

  • You may well be right (and Jenss may be too) but if either of your theories are correct, I don't see why Mark couldn't have said that to me himself!

  • I am one of the people who you have taken issue with before Graham, having asked for evidence for various assertions you've made, in particular your statement that 268,000 people with a range of 11 cancers had these "stopped" by vitamins. I think it's a pity you've chosen to open a post titled "Friendship" with an attack on others. I would like you to acknowledge please that I have never accused you of accepting payment for advertising, nor slandered you in any other way.

  • Hi flipperti, from Graham's writings it is quite apparent that he is not scientifically trained and loose use of "stopped" "prevented" occurs in his writings. More scientifically accurate wordings would be "reduced risks for.... cancers...." In my opinion that is quite clear from all the "evidence" (articles, websites) that Graham had posted. I do not think that Graham purposefully uses the loose terminology to mislead others .... he appears to be just not a scientist. (...and I think there are others on here for whom this is true too....Graham is not a dr and his writings are not for scientific publication: he just a person chatting on here and saying what his wife is taking, he always said seek advise from your dr before taking anything....). In some cases it would be appropriate to point out the inaccuracy in language rather than assuming someone is purposefully trying to mislead? Best wishesxxxx

  • I realise that you're trying to smooth things over and you're due credit for that. However, I don't agree that you need to be a scientist or doctor to understand the meaning of "stopped" and "prevented". As far as I've seen from previous posts, Graham's wife Pat doesn't have cancer so the stuff about cancer goes well beyond chatting about "what his wife is taking".

    The use of "loose terminology" may not bother those on here (the majority, I think) who don't have cancer. However, I have been diagnosed with lung cancer 3 times in the past 4 years.

    I am, therefore, just a bit touchy (understandably, I think) about people throwing around dubious facts about a condition that doesn't affect them at all but is killing me (I was given an estimate of "months" to live in April this year).

    Oh - and before someone tells me to get off here and on to the Roy Castle site, I have COPD too.

  • Thanks elja. March 30th I was told with a shrug of the shoulders nine months maybe maybe longer.

    I have no wish to go on a cancer forum either. I like it here.

    I also was first diagnosed COPD.

    Take care stay in there fighting.

    I'm touchy too on this subject.

    Love Suzyxxx

  • Thanks for your reply, Suzy. Actually, I'm on the Roy Castle site too and like it in many ways - I've seen nothing but requests for information and offers of support. However, there are very few posts as there are so few of us living (even for a short time) with LC!

    The reason I said what I did abut the Roy Castle site was because, a year or two ago, there was a brief spell when some members (some of whom are still around, I think) complained that lung cancer got more publicity than COPD which, supposedly was unfair as LC could be cured(!) And one person implied that we LC people should stick to our own site. However, that was a long time ago and I haven't come across that attitude since!

    All the best ...

  • Hi Elja I am sorry to hear you are so sick I hope you are in good spirits.

    Just to clarify: I mentioned the dr or scientist because they are trained to write with accuracy definition and fact. Of course everyone uses and understands the word "stopped" and there is the problem: when someone says something "stopped cancers": the scientist/dr will immediately ask: in what way? Graham with the statement showed an article where the incidence of various cancers was shown against blood concentrations of Vit D. The article concluded therefore that the risk of a number (according to flip above 11) could be reduced by having adequate circulating Vit D concentrations. 268000 was the number calculated for the cancers that would not occur (they are stopped forming) in the population of interest if the Vit blood concentrations would be adequate. This I believe was what Graham was talking about. However, rightly others assumed that "stopped cancer" means halting or curing existing cancer. See how "stopped cancer" needs to be defined as to what is meant and Graham did not do that (only by reading the article he sent with the stopped statement could one make out what he meant)? Please let me know if this makes any sense to you.

    And yes he did not connect the cancer information with his wife. At that stage he was trying to highlight other health benefits of Vit D as some people were warning others that Vit D supplementation may be harmful. Also, science is still discovering how important and by which mechanisms Vit D is for the human immune system and not all is known yet- so sharing information is great. Best wishes take carexxx

  • Thanks for your very thoughtful reply.

    Of course, it's well-established that deficiency of any vitamin or mineral is bad for our health. However, some of us were concerned that many of the posts (not just from Graham) supporting Vitamin D as a therapy were ignoring the fact that most of the reputable trials had simply found that adequate levels of Vitamin D (achieved through supplements if necessary) were much better than very low ones: some people seemed to think that meant that large amounts must be better than adequate levels. That may be the case but it doesn't seem to be proven.

    And there is at least one real risk to people with certain cancers (whether they know they have them or not) in taking excessive Vitamin D: hypercalcaemia (excessive calcium in the body - and it will be a miracle if I've got the spelling right!)

    All the best and thanks for your good wishes.

  • Sending best wishes to you graham and pat

    Keep up the good work

    Regards Pat

  • Graham, I for one am grateful to you and pat for giving me the chance to take part in the trial. After reading of pat's condition 18 months ago and the wonderful improvement in her health now I am more than happy to continue with the vitamin regime. Please do not let people put you off keeping us up to date with pat's continuing improvement, it gives us hope

    Gelert xx

  • Hi Gelert....what trial are you taking part in?

  • Is this a medical trial Gelert?

  • No

  • I'm not talking part in an official trial just taking vitamins A, D3 & K2 the same as Pat, Graham's wife who is making good progress.

  • Trial? Is it official, Can anyone join in?

  • No its not official.

  • It is not an official trial just a selection of vitamins that Pat, Graham's wife takes and which has improved her condition.

  • Hello Graham it's good to see you and to hear Pat has recovered well from an infection, she is doing so well she's an inspiration to us all :) I have been out in the garden as much as I can, it's so good for us to be with the flowers lol!

    Goodnight both of you and take care, huff xxxx

  • Welcome back relieved to see you.

    I m grateful for your info and help.

    May your wife continue her long recovery. Thanks.

  • Welcome back Graham. I look forward to more expert advice and I always found your articles full of interest. Hope it carries on.

  • I'm so glad your back ,very compassionate man who cares for his wife ,I admire your strength and find your information very interesting ,carry on winning ,it's a shame some people are so small minded,they a re the losers, keep up the good work,I know I am fighting Emphsema and doing very well. Take care,.Bonniex

  • Sorry to hear about your troubles. As long as you and Pat are ok try not to let these unhappy people get to you.

    Take care


  • Hi there

    I'm fuming over these allegations I've read some but most I just flick through!!!! I'd like to thank you for the free advice you gave me after me asking for it. I've been taking it now for 3plus months I've noticed a considerable difference in my breathing and been infection free for over a yesr plus I work with money!!! One of the worst hoarders of germs. I stopped for a week and back down I went. So from me to you...... don't be bothered by the haters here or anywhere U do a fantastic job by inspiration and motivation and your lovely wife and all of us are proof in what u say is helpful and FREE!!!!! Keep well Graham and and pat. Big (((((HUGS))))) X

  • Ive found your posts to be very informative ... what other people think is entirely up to them and what they do with your information is again entirely up to them ... you can lead a horse to water but you can not make it drink ... you are explaining what this has done for your wife and how it has helped her which is fantastic seeing as how she can now go out in the garden .... so it is obviously working for her ... good info but like with anything you do your own research and run things by your doctor first. Keep posting Graham and good luck and best wishes to your wife Pat.

  • I,m baffled by some reactions to all of this .I found the posts interesting from a research point of view.Nobody was forced to do any thing or take anything.We all try and help each other on here.It is up to the individual what to heed or discard Maybe some people just need to grow up a bit!D.

  • I'm with you farmer D agree 100%

  • I also totally agree with you here farmerxx

  • HEAR HEAR Graham.

    lovely to hear your wife is improving.

  • Welcome back Graham, and I'm glad to hear Pat is well after her viral infection. Again I'd like to thank you for sharing all the research you have done into this illness. Best wishes to both of you. x

  • Keep up your good work of trying to help others Graham and Pat. :)

  • I would also like to add that every day I feel a bit better than I did 2 yrs ago when diagnosed with very severe emphsema ,today I feel I'm recovering I don't know what I put it. Down to,but I treat myself with all the meds I have everyday my needs change ,so I am able to live a good life .

  • Hi Colours23, anyone who uses the Information I make available on this site " MUST ALSO USE PRESCRIBED MEDICATION" I for one am pleased you are feeling the benefit from the Information been given to everyone FREELY, I for one wish you well. Graham.

  • My daughter gets Vitamin D and other Vitamins she needs, due to malabsorption.

    I was just wondering if anyone has considered asking their GP to prescribe it?

    My daughter has a full blood count every three months. The blood count in June showed she had full reserves. the latest one showed zero iron.

    As she is allergic to many iron supplements, her condition is difficult to treat. She also has asthma, that does seem to be improving.

    I expect many members here have free prescriptions if they are pensioners, or have conditions whereby you get them free.

  • At no point was Graham accused of taking payment from Dr Mercola for promoting his website. Nobody here is that stupid. Jokes were made to the effect that Graham deserved to be given commission. At no point, was he actually accused of getting any money.

    As for saying he was slandered, you cannot be slandered in writing. I doubt very much if any self respecting lawyer would even consider taking on the case. Unless of course Graham is rich enough to afford the fees. You don't get legal aid for such cases.

    I am not disputing Graham's claims, as I am taking Vitamin A and D. My daughter has it on prescription from her GP in the form of injections. What I do object to, very strongly, is the way people who dare to disagree with Graham get restricted.

    This is the 21st century, in theory this country allows freedom of speech. Swearing and profanity are, of course, unacceptable when directed at other members. I haven't seen any of that from the restricted member.

    I have written to Health Unlocked administrators, stating my dismay that members are being restricted on tenuous grounds. If I get restricted for stating my opinions, that will mean goodbye to you all. I cannot stand by without saying anything.

    Azure Sky

  • An excellent post, Azure Sky. However, rational argument seems to count for little on this site at present. I've posted a couple of other comments further up this thread and while scrolling back, noted some of the terms used to describe those of us who are expressing a difference of opinion on this issue. It seems we ... want to be Top Dog, are small-minded, are losers and need to grow up. I don't think you or I, or Flibberti or Sokrackers have spoken of other members in such dismissive playground terms - yet we're the ones supposedly creating problems!

  • Sigh.....I know, it seems to be those who make the most fuss who rule the roost now.

    Just because somebody has a personal agenda, and is determined to go on and on about it, should not mean members are not allowed to ask questions.

    Why should we be subjected to criticism, because we are intelligent enough, not to accept everything said on here, without question. I refuse to be a sheep who follows unquestioningly.

    If we feel something may not be suitable for people, why on earth aren't we allowed to discuss it? Is it really necessary to suppress freedom of speech?

    I have read all the relevant posts, and don't think any of them need to be restricted. Most of us are grown ups with a sense of humour. We are not children at school.

  • Hi azure, I'm a little confused by the title of this thread. Am I not capable of friendship because I hold different views

    Love Suzyxxx

  • It is rather confusing, I agree. Why use this thread to rake up past disagreements for a start? It wasn't necessary.

    Nor were the accusations of slander.

  • Hi again, Elja it is always ok to question or have an opinion on here as long it is put forward in a respectful manner. Personal attacks, accusations, telling off, ridiculing etc are not acceptable and that is what is being objected to. Best wishesxxx

  • Hi, you are correct at no time was Dr Mercola mentioned, what was clearly said by one member was that they had evidence that I was paid for putting advertising on this site which when asked for evidence they could not provide any, this was because I have never been paid for anything I do on here, now please can everyone just move on as I would prefer to put all this trouble behind us all for peace sake, Graham

  • Azure_sky, I agree

  • Thank you Gary56.

  • It would really nice to hear more about Graham and Pat's life and day to day experiences. About their garden for instance, their travels and how they cope. I presume Pat still has some degree of emphysema.

    Having read all of Graham's posts, and done a great deal of my own research, I really would love to hear more about Graham himself. My mother in law used to go to the Nottingham Goose Fair every year.

    I am told Nottingham is a beautiful place, It was, I believe famous for it's lace. Do you go to the shops much and are the people friendly? Is there any heavy industry there?

    what are the pollution levels like?

    It would be so interesting to hear something about Graham and Pat. Maybe he could post some photos? Especially of their garden. I genuinely am interested in other people's lives, and their pets.

  • Bare with my writing....I'm not very good at it. Have to share my opinion.

    I don't think is wrong to get credit or payment for a product you share to everyone, as long as the products has helped others with their symptoms and it's not a scam or a motive to make money on this forum.

    I'm not saying that's what you are doing. I'm actually on your side. Since my asthma has gotten worse , I have never research as much as I have in my entire life regarding my condition....specially with medication, current research, alternative natural medication and more.....

    Its depressing with all the reading about medications how it has so many side affects and how we seem to upgrade to a stronger medication in long term dosage treating our condition. That's why I joined this forum to gain more knowledge about my respiratory illness and how they managed their illness. And to support, ask questions and hopefully share my experience that is helping me with my condition.

    My asthma or respiratory illness is not as bad as some people in the forums, but I do have my bad days where I'm scared for my life. My goal now is to find an alternative natural approach to minimize my prescription medication and hopefully, completely stop. If you seen my desktop on my computer, its filled with lots of categories re: my condition, medication and alternative approach for healing. If we can minimize our symptoms to take lower dosage with prescription drugs...... I will read and research it if someone would have shared a link to me. Yes, I know there's a lot of scam out there, the more reason to research your findings yourself and finally make a decision if it's truly helping people.

    I'm actually experimenting with some products, breathing techniques, meditation, diet, exercise at this time. I will let you know if it's successful, if you want me too. I know it does help my condition through out the day so far. It takes time and I have to be persistent with my natural approach.

    I pray that someone will find a cure......I hope they share that link with

    God Bless everyone,


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