What's going on??

Rather odd, almost like there are gremlins in my iPad!? This evening, well it's 3.37 am !! I have commented of a few posts... Gone back to look again and none of my posts are visible. Wonder why? Not even sure if this will appear?

Have I been barred from commenting? What did I do?

I have only been on this forum a short while, yes I guess I am still a newbie! I love the fact that people just chat in here, talking constantly about illnesses grinds on me, it must on you all too?

I have come to realise that no one in this group can do anything about my situation, not that I wanted you to! But when your wanting help and not sure where or what you need it tough to accept no one will or can help. But saying that ... You all in here are wonderful as have helped me, really you all have. I slumped really bad into a dark place, and through talking in here I am starting to see happier days. Thank you :)

It's sad that I read there are people that visit here just to cause trouble, it's awful. And now nice people are leaving because of it... Sad.

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  • Just letting you know your post has come up, don't know why others have not shown.

    I am pleased you are starting to feel better.

    etch45 x

  • Hi HS

    I've got this one...but your others apart from one, have disappeared from your profile.

    I am glad you are feeling happier, and don't worry about the odd nasty person on here, they will be dealt with by others.

    Keep your chin up.

    Velvet xx

  • I feel I know people on here with the general chit chat, illness does not define who we are and it's nice to see that nobody really wants to talk about it all the time, thats not to say if someone wants advice a bit of sympathy/empathy that can't post that to. That's the beauty of a site like this you can read or not read what somebody has posted, if you don't like it don't read it.

  • Dear HS - lovely to see that you are feeling brighter and finding the forum helpful.

  • Morning Hs, HU has been a bit glippy these past few weeks, one way or another. So don't worry, plod on as we do, and its good to know your darkness is lifting. Hows the sewing coming along?


  • Hi HS, I have had trouble sending replies from my I pad too... Sometimes they vanish, sometimes the posts scroll backwards and forwards by themselves...sometimes it's fine.

    Take care

  • Happy to hear you feeling better. Onwards and upwards as they say, but tea and sympathy are still available If needed 😊

    Jan x

  • I sometimes experience my posts disappearing, computer glitches or website problems maybe,dont really know but I get there in the end. Anyway, keep up with the happy smiles. Tina.x

  • Great that you are feeling a bit better. Always plenty of support on here when you need it. Take care xx

  • I love reading all the messages. The thing is people know what you are going through as they are suffering the same.

  • No you have not done anything wrong. Admin dont know whats going on either Mark said it was a technical issue x

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