To see a bit more of life

Whent to the docs today for a check up and results for my blood test (if they take any more i will be running on empty ) every thing is good I had a full mot now may be my mind will be at rest and for my wife and girls who have nagged me to death but I could not have stopped smoking and lose some weight with out them I still feel like a smoke some chips cake and all the things I have given up but I would like to see my grand kids get old and to see their children and to spend a little bit more time with my wife to all people out there who are thinking of given up smoking do it for you and the people you love

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  • Well done Ed, life is meant to be good for us😁 stopping smoking and losing weight is not easy to do but the rewards of better health and longer life is priceless!😆

    huff xxx 😁

  • Well done

    Carole xx

  • Great post Ed and wishing you and your wonderful family well for the future. Take care xx

  • Well said, not easy but possible!

    jan x

  • Ed, I salute you. You can now go forward. Things will just get better from now on. Keep strong. Keep healthy. Gerald.

  • I visited Tasmania many years ago, loved the place, reminded me of Devon. Chris

  • I live half way between Launceston and Hobart in Campbell Town.

  • Thank you all I do try to put some help or should I say hope to people who are going through the same as me with the help of love ones and people that know you could look forward do not get me wrong I know there are people that are worse off than me be if you think of love ones and to see the look in there eyes you know they care do not get me wrong I am no bible basher far from it but you can look ahead and fight it and see the change in there eyes

  • Reminded me of that sketch in "The Blood Donor" with Tony Hancock when he says "They took almost an armful!" Lol.

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