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Organ Donation

Hi guys

Ive just been reading a post on here that was from about 2 months ago and they were talking about organ donors and the law

Anyone living in Wales uk age 18 or over will automatically be an organ donor unless you opt out and that begins the 2nd of December this year. Ive put a link up as there are some exemptions to the rules ..........hope your all well x

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Hi, Mandy, I live in Wales and I have donated my whole body to the university hospital in Cardiff. Hope they can do something with it!


oh gawd...........i do admire those of you who do that ,, ive read a few posts on here from members saying the same thing.

I know loads of people that are not even aware of this new law here

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Hi Mandy, I think that's a great idea, like Happygrandad I have donated mine, it's off to Cambridge, though not for a while yet I hope! Trust your keeping as well as can be Mandy? Take care xx

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oh Cambridge for you its much posher than Cardiff :)


Only because it's the closest that would have me lol x


That's why I have Cardiff!

Thanks. We had a letter about it telling us how to opt out. Who would want anything of mine? bad eyes - two cataracts removed 3 years ago, tumours in liver (benign) lungs shot - I could go on! ha ha! Seriously I am so pleased that people do donate their organs when they do it is wonderful.

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I would donate but I don't think I have anything that would be any good to anyone.


Nor me they would send them back

lol theres nothing of me fit for use lol

Hi Tam, I'm really hoping you won't let that twot beat you. Please don't go, you make the day for so many people on here.

I reported all his/her brainless, provocative replies too. I can't understand why BLF didn't do something.

Just have a little break and come back to all who are so fond of you xxx Penelope

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What about your sense of humour, Tam? ;)

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