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Hi everyone not sure you remember me or not. I came on a long time ago as i was really scared i had lung cancer. I still am worried about it and its still in the back of my head, but i am getting on with life. I still have an itchy throat some of the time that makes me cough but its not as bad as it was. My anti depressants have kicked in and trying to enjoy my family again. I do still worry about the itchiness in my throat, but i realise i have to carry on. I am on inhaled steroids that do work, but i am using them as a crutch i worry that my cough will come back if i stop taking them, but then i worry what they maybe doing to my body???.

I got my appointment for the respiratory clinic for the 2nd of October i have been waiting all this time for a referral so i am not to sure that they are even worried about me, as i have been waiting this long. I do worry tho as i do feel that something is not right somewhere in my body as i do still have the tickle in my throat, but nobody can seem to find the reason for this. Oh well all i can do is wait until i see the specialist and tell them all my problems.

God bless to you all. Mel xx

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  • Hi Melrose, i had a tickle cough that was fine if i sucked a hard boiled sweet. I went GP and they gave me a capsule to take and then a liquid form of the same , sorry i dont remember the name. I then was given an anti - hestimine to see if that helped. No that didnt work, after a period of a year , i went back again as i was fed up with it. They then took a look at my meds and discovered that one of my tablets side effects lists a dry cough. Once i had that changed it went away and i havent suffered with it since. So if they have left you this long i dont think they are worried. Good luck when you see your consultant , but i would'nt worry too much.


  • Hi mel nice to see you back x

  • Thanks its good be be back to myself a little. God it was so rough there for a while, I really thought maybe i would not be able to pull myself up worrying about my health, but i know i have to no matter what happens. All can do is wait for my appointment now.

    I do not think its any meds i am causing my cough because the only med i was on when the cough began was lansoprazole and i have been on that for years.

    God bless. Mel xx

  • I have a cough too. My doctor said it was post nasal drip caused by allergies. He prescribed a nasal spray called Avamys. It is working to clear my sinuses.

  • I was given a nasal spray which did nothing for me. My doctor also thinks mine is allergies too. I was given something an antihistamine, but it did not help at all. I do sneeze quite a bit more too, but not sure if its just normal. I also sometimes get breathless, but i do suffer anxiety so not sure if its that. I have had all the checks from doctor and they are always normal bloods x ray.... sometimes i really wonder if its true what everyone always tells me and i am mad :( . Mel xx

  • Hello again. Thankfully you have a consultant's appointment. Are you able to take an appointment at short notice? If you are then call the consultant's secretary and tell them that if there is a cancellation and if they call you to fill it you can be at the hospital in - however long it would take you to drive there. It may get you seen quicker. Let us know what happens.

    If the inhaled steroids are working for you then do not worry about them. You haven't been on them long and it may be that your consultant will change them when he has seen you or it may be that, like many of us here you will be on inhaled steroids pretty much for the rest of your life - as I am. So far not noticing any bad side effects and been on them for over 30 years. Skin damage from the sun is top of my list and I do notice the skin on my arms is more freckly these days - my legs still don't tan though - wish the steroids would do something about that. My legs are as they always have been pale white with a liberal sprinkling of bruises! Still it doesn't stop me wearing shorts and skirts - plenty worse looking legs than mine around out there!

    Love and hugs



  • No do not think i can get a appointment sooner the doctor was very very reluctant to even refer me, so i am lucky really it took a lot of pushing to get me where i am now, so i just have to wait it out, but i suppose i have been ok up till now so unless i have more symptoms or i get worse again i will wait it out. I have not noticed to many side effects i do get a few muscle twitches that really do my head in, but i am coping with that. A while ago i could not cope with even getting up in the morning. Mel xx

  • Hi Melrose, nice to see you back I had not coughed for a good few years and then about 12 months ago I got this awful cough it is more in my throat than my chest and it chokes me sometimes I think it will never end. I have had a scan but nothing shows and I have had tablets from the doctors to try and loosen the phlegm but they don't seem to help much, at the moment it seems to have died down a bit but fingers crossed it is going away (I can hope).

    I do hope you get some joy from your consultant when you see him.

    take care

    polly xx

  • Yes my cough is my throat too. Its a tickle at the back drives me nuts. Some days are worse than others, but not been to bad for a while. Mel xx

  • One of my sisters had a nasty cough even though she doesn't smoke or have any lung diseases. She thought it might be caused by dairy. She cut out all dairy then reintroduced them one by one. She found she is intolerant of milk and icecream. She has stopped having these and the cough has completely gone. x

  • I do eat a lot of diary lots of coffee and tea and i live off cheese. Never thought of that xx

  • Well she was telling us about it a couple of weeks ago, and as she was talking she was coughing badly. I pointed out that she had had milk in her coffee and she normally has it black! She can eat cheese and butter etc. with no problem and it might be that you only have to cut out one or two dairy things like she does. x

  • Lovely to see you again Melrose 😃

    Sometimes the epiglottis gets inflamed and tickles. My friend has it, makes him cough & clear his throat often.

    All the best with your referral xx

  • Avamys is working for me the cough has subsided and hopefully it will go. Avamys is a cortico steroid.


  • I wouldn't worry too much, Mel. As you say, the specialists don't appear to be too concerned either. I was diagnosed with PE's last year and the GP had me admitted the same afternoon for exploratory work and intervention with Warfarin. Are you eating OK? You don't say why you are on anti-depressants in the first place. Have you got yourself into a "vicious circle"?--See "fastball" comments below.

    Hope this helps. Good Luck and keep in touch. Regards-Dave

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