trying to be positive

my copd is driving me mad but just had hosp check up no worse than last time in a way im purfect lol but apparently my cat mksd it worse as i have a high allergie so have to get cat a very good home and then get the deep clean peeps in to clense house from cat my house is spotless but have to get rid of all cat traces heartbreaking really but coughing day and night loads of rubbish xchoking all the time now i have such a dry mouth itch on head and back nothing there weather its meds im on no clue but all in all help lol

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  • That is so sad for you. Such a shame a vaccine can't be invented to stop cat allergies.

  • Hi it's the animal dander which you are allergic too. You can buy a spray from the vets to control it. It might be worth trying that before you get rid of your beloved cat. x

  • Have you talked to your doctor about antihistamines - my daughter has a very bad allergy to cats and takes antihistamines. My husband has severe COPD and started with hay fever this year and has been prescribed antihistamines - they seem to help with his allergies. Take care, lots of love TAD xxx

  • Sad for you becraftygirl but it is for the best as your symptoms may well improve. Do you have a friend or any family that the cat could go to? Hope you find a good home for him soon and feel better then.


  • Oh how very sad that you have to get rid of your best friend. Do hope you can find a really good home for him/her. Bless you. It is awful to have to give a way a beloved pet. Hope it makes a big difference to you.

    Have you checked all the side effects listed for your medications? Also, ask your Doc - some side effects are rare and may not be noted. Also I have had a side effect from a medication which had to be reported as I was one of the first to have it. Since then it has gone on to be noted for this side effect!

  • Did you have a cat allergy before you got COPD? There are so many other causes. could you take your cat to a groomer to be bathed regularly? as that would cut down the dander. Or you could wear a mask when around your cat.

    I would move heaven and earth to keep my George. The doctor advised me to get rid of him when he was a puppy. Keeping him clean, flea free and thoroughly brushed worked. Now he goes to a professional groomer and has his coat stripped regularly.

    My husband helped a lot. We have a vacuum cleaner with a Hepa filter and all hard floors.

  • Terribly sad if you have to re home your cat. I am allergic to cats and take antihistamines if I go somewhere that has cats. Hope things work out for you xx

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