Some good news

Good news for my husband not me!! After he had an accident at work 5 years ago now he has been in an awful state. He cannot straighten his back, so is bend over all the time. He cannot put his right foot flat on the floor and cannot walk. He suffers with terrible pain everyday. We fought with the GP and the local hospital to get him seen at Stanmore Hospital .... It took 2 years to get him just to be seen there! We have waited a long long time for something to be done, after MRI things and nerve testing a... As of next Monday (24th) my husband will be staying in Stanmore hospital for a week for tests...they call it an assessment. There will be lots of Drs and specialists popping to see him and seeing what they can do to help him. The report will take a while to put together, once done they will know hopefully how to treat him. That's when he will go for 6-8 weeks rehab to see if they can improve his quality of life. I am so happy for him, naturally he is anxious but he is going to take his laptop with him so we can chat. It will be strange not having him about for a week.... It's a shame it's taken 5 years to get to this point. I just hope they can help restore his confidence and life.

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I really hope that your husband gets all the help he so badly needs when he goes to stay in the hospital for a week. It should not have taken so long for an assessment. Back pain is terrible as my hubby Pete knows.

Wishing you and your husband well Happy-smiles. xxx

Good news for you and your husband. Take care xx

So glad for you both.

It must have been awful for you and the family.

Love and hugs

K xx

Great news I hope it all works out😃

Hope this does the trick for him.

Good Luck,hope all goes well,and that the out come will mean a better quality of life for you both.

Good news. Wishing the best for you both.


I hope that your husband's battery of tests resolves at least some issues for him. At very least a proper diagnosis and some suitable pain relief. Rib

Good luck happy smiles I hope all goes well for your hubby x

Great news but very sad that you have had to wait five years to get the appointment. Hope they can help him xx

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