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It's chucking it down here and very cold and windy ( where has summer gone)

At least when it's not so hot it seems a bit easier to breath so that's a bonus!!

I've seen my Doctor this morning and got my Chest Xray results- they come back ok which is a huge relief as I was concerned I had lung cancer.

So just got to find the right meds for the COPD.

The Doctor has given me new pain killers for the OsteoArthritis, Fingers crossed they help.

I hope today is treating you all well ️xxx ❤️

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hi veganista

its just same here, chucking down with rain and freezing good that your xrays were okay.


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Hi veganista, I am glad your Xray results were clear. A great weight off your mind. Sunny at the moment but I think we are due to get rain tonight and tomorrow. Kaye x

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Good luck to you veganista and hope you get the right meds and that the pain killers work for you. Nice to know your chest x-ray was ok. Take care and wishing you well.


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