Today is a new day

Today is a new day

I pulled my finger out today and made myself get dressed! It took me a while as I kept getting out of breath. So today I thought I would try stitching ... Pick it up. And see what happens. I organized my hexie stitching box... Ready to try to sew some more.

I am trying to fight it, I don't want to sink deeper. Today is a new day, small steps are better than no steps.

Thank you 😊

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  • Well done Happy-smiles. Love your pretty and organised stitching basket.


  • Well done! You got it: small steps..... Wishing you wellxxx

  • Good for you girl

    I was watching some videos on you tube were women were making flowers out of fabric and they were amazing, i havnt got the patience for it but have always wanted to make a quilt x

  • Good on ya Hs. You're doing well hun.


  • oh wow, Hs, I love sewing, but my box isn't as tidy as yours.


  • Well take leaf out of HS's tidying up and do yours Jude :)

    Well done HS carry on with the positive attitude. x

  • Mine will never be that tidy coughalot, I mainly repair and alter these days, last thing I made was a little rag doll for grand daughter, and a maxi pencil skirt for myself. What Hs is doing is beyond my expertise, I so admire what she does. Maybe we could start a craft thread.


  • Well that's a lot more than I could do Jude :) A craft thread would be great but I haven't got a clue about crafting! :) x

  • Hi, Happy Smiles, that's great, much more positive, onwards and upwards for now, I know how hard that can be sometimes, but you're getting in the right frame of mind, and I know you can do it.

    Lovely sewing box, so neat and tidy, shows mine up considerably.

    Take care,

    Christine. XXX

  • well done each small achievement is a positive and helps so much to rise the spirits .I have learnt to focus on the things I cant do not the things I cant do that I use to . may take more time to do things but once you get it done its so rewarding .

  • should read things I can do not the things I cant

  • I love making hexies and find it relaxing. We had a very stressful couple of years a while back and I made two single bed quilts, it helped me and got me through a tough time! I am making a child's 'lop sided' log cabin quilt at the moment. I started machine quilting it but have given up and am now finishing it by hand. I much prefer hand sewing 😊 enjoy a peaceful day Happy-smiles. Xris

  • Inspirational. Well done.

    Love and hugs

    K xx

  • What a lovely neat box Happy, I have taken up knitting to keep myself occupied. It definitely works and the jumpers are appreciated. Happy sewing. xx

  • Wouldn't it be great if we could all meet up for a knit and stitch session, plus a generous slice of delicious cake! Xris x

  • Oh lovely! Can't sew for the life of me! 😏 well done on making a start to your new day. One little day at a time! Take care 🌺

  • Well done, keep it up. Love your sewing box, so neat. Puts mine to shame , xx

  • Very pretty fabrics too. Please send us updates as you progress - as everyone has said and you are doing one small step, another small step... but you have done two - getting dressed and getting your sewing box photographed for us.

  • Not a small step really but a big one, not only have you made a start but you are making plans too! Good for you.

  • What a gorgeous box. Think of your life as one of your quilts, for each little bit done, it gets better and better. :-)

    jan x

  • Great to hear from you. What a tidy box. Shame to disturb it! Hope you had a good day.

    Love and hugs



  • Love your basket - happy stitching.

  • Well done HS! I know the feeling of getting dressed or not, but so worth it when we do. Keep up the good work. xx

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