Are you a night owl?

Often I don't sleep.... Just got in the habit of not I guess? My husband is an insomniac, he never used to be. It's the pain that keeps him awake, I never really understood that until my knee when pear shaped! And now pain too keeps me awake!

I was just wondering if there were other night owls? Sometimes I may nod off around 4 or 5 am, I don't nap during the day ha ha you think I would! I just have loads of things going around and around my head constantly, I don't like quiet so some sort of noise has to be on. I have tried to do relaxation things, I like the smell of lavender :). I cannot picture things in my mind so trying to see myself on a beach relaxing does not work! i thought about counting things in the bedroom to will myself to sleep but I literally ran out of things to count!

So if your awake.... Talk to me lol!!

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  • I don't sleep well either :-( I've got an app on my kindle (free) called Relax Melodies .. I like the 'seaside' one which is the sound of waves on a beach! Hope this helps


    Sue XxX

  • Sue45 that sounds interesting, does it not make you want the loo, all that wave crashing and water sounds?!

    I have nothing like that on my iPad, never searched for anything like that Infact! Ooooh going for a look in the App Store!

    Thank you 😊

  • Have to admit the wave one had me running to the loo, i've tried lots to help me sleep. no phones, laptops etc in bedroom nope that didn't work, music to relax me no that just annoyed me, I try not to get up as if I come downstairs laptop goes on telly goes on and then there is no hope of even a cat nap and then I have to go to work. Exhaustion then kicks in 3 months or so down the line and I might get 4 hours sleep for a couple of days, that’s what I hold on to.

  • I listen to story CDs to help me get back to sleep. Nothing too violent or exciting. My favourites are audio recordings of the Narnia stories, and the Campion detective novels. The first time I listen to them can sometimes keep me awake, but the next time I'm not trying to find out what happened next, and try to visualise the story as it unfolds. My husband says I drop off to sleep now in less than a minute.

  • I have to have 'noise' 24/7, in my bedroom I have a radio that is never turned off. I go to sleep listening to radio and wake, listen for the time, then decide whether to get up or try for a few minutes. I get up usually. At the moment Im sleeping in till gone 7am.

  • I nod off for a couple of hours at a time. If I get 3 hours I count myself lucky. Oddly enough I put the headphones on and listen to techno trance most of the time and it helps me nod off.

    This is the one I play quite often. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea but each to there own.

  • Similar to a paul oakenfold track I love listening too 'song to the siren'. kids laugh at me because I like 'their' music. I really like 'all about the bass' at the moment, my 4 yr old grand daughters fave.


  • I love All about the bass. Great song to clean to!


  • I like him to and of course Tiesto. :)

  • Oh my I started dancing in my chair that wouldn't help me sleep but as you said to each their own whatever works for you. I say my prayers talk to God Zynga quiet him or two sometimes only a couple of lines, and I'm gone. Last night Sophie dog woke me up at 1 to go out. Normally she is out for the overnight and I'm awake.

  • Oops sorry forgot to proofread. That should be .....sing a quiet hymn

  • My TV is set to switch off at 2.00a.m. and I kinda drift off for an hour about then. After that it's turning over every 5 minutes with the occasional 10 minute nap until about 9.00 a.m.

    I've always been a "night" person, but it's got into the realms of ridiculous now. I just cannot sleep and consequently have no energy whatsoever during the day.. I've tried everything from hypnosis to soothing oils but nothing works. I would give anything for a nights sleep, but short of an anesthetic I can't think of anything else? Lol

  • After working nights for 16 years I do enjoy and value my sleep however years of COPD and steroids has put a end to a good nights sleep

  • Hi again..sorry didn't get back to you..went to sleep!! :-)

    No, the 'seaside waves' doesn't have me dashing to the loo but can understand it having that effect on some people!

    Another thing you could daughter recently bought me one of those 'adult' (as in grown-up :-)) colouring books! If you spend 30-60 minutes colouring before bedtime, it is supposed to relax you ready for bed! My book is by Millie Marrotta and was purchased on Amazon.


    Sue XxX

  • It's 3.40 am and oooooh guess what I am wide awake!

    What am I doing? Surfing the net! Lol

    Until my eyes get heavy, I may fall asleep? I watched the night turn to day yesterday, that was fun!

  • ooh me too Happy-smiles. These steroids induced sleepless nights are driving me crazy. Have a good day. Enjoy your stitching.

    Love Suzyxxx

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