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COPD Ready-Meal

Hello all,

As some of you are aware I am chef who is both designing and making food products in the form of ready-meals which contribute towards relieving some of the COPD symptoms you suffer from. I would be most grateful if you could tell me where the most beneficial place would be for you to obtain them from?

1. British Lung Foundation website

2. Supermarket outlets

3. Online supermarkets

4. GP Surgeries

5. Local Breathe Easy groups

6. Social media

7. Chemists

8. Hospitals

9. Hotels

10. Pubs

11. Trains

12. Tube Stations

13. Cafes

14. Restaurants

15. Work canteens

16. Shopping centres

17. Coffee shops

18. Leisure centres

19. Cinemas

20. Other (If you select other could you state the place also please)

And if you could tell me why the place you chose is the most beneficial place for you to get it from, that would be amazing as it would strengthen my cause in making it happen.

Also, what is a reasonably priced ready-meal for everyone? As I will do my very best to ensure that the products I produce are no more than this.

Many thanks.

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Supermarkets please!


Supermarket for me too! But it can be really difficult or expensive getting new things on the supermarket shelves, depending which supermarket. Chemist would be my second choice - it's all about convenience, being able to pick the ready meal up when I want it. Price is difficult. It depends on how premium a product you are planning to produce.


I personally would say shopping centers would be best, but you would need to advertise, so online might reach a wide audience. Think you might need more than one outlet to meet the varied needs of sufferers of this illness.


I cant get to stores and live in small town, so only have waitrose I can get to, so online T...o would be better for me. Price is an issue for me as on Income Support, but if I could afford them would buy. Hope it takes off


Supermarkets for the active. Online/chemist and hospitals for homebound people. Great idea I wish u all the luck in the world. Oh if you need somebody to test them ·············😀😀😀 Lol


super markets


Supermarkets please. Thats where we shop most of the time.


Supermarkets ,online and chemists xx


online supermarkets as I don't go out shopping all is delivered

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No reply necessary


Online supermarkets and chemists for me.


Supermarkets shops and online






Supermarkets and online supermarkets.

i would love to have ready meals but to get something that dosnt look like the dog chucked it up you need a bank loan to be able to shop for myself and my daughter because she wouldnt eat them


I would be happy to test them for you :)


supermarkets as they deliver, must be able to go in freezer, must be complete meal ie. meat 2 veg or whatever but no point doing part of meal and then having to boil veg to complete it, must be good ingredients, for me simple tastes, easy to cook, oven or microwave, and good portion - would pay 2.50 for good meal maybe even 3.00 - good luck


I would gladly pick them up from the supper market if someone would cook it for me I hate cooking with a passion


Supermarket thanks.


. Supermarket thanks


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