So,my appointment for VQ scan was for 13/8/15 at 10am and for lung function 19/8/15 at 12.30.I spent Wednesday morning to and fro and got a cancellation for L/F to 10.15, 13/8 and the scan to 9.00am so I was a happy bunny and booked cab.He was 15mins late and in a mini bus which I thought was funny,suspension was rubbish and my window did,nt open but he was a good driver so ok. Gets to the Brompton,wrong section ,out into busy streets.Three different strangers offered directions out of the blue and we found it nice and quick( quicker than this post is taking lol).Greeted as we go in,through to a room with a bed,lie down and given injection of radio/active dye.Through to scan room lie down mask put on and radio/active gas pumped through ,scan starts.The mask was uncomfortable and had to have arms above head also unpleasant,9minutes then another 9minutes without mask and then 12 minutes with scanner going round quicker,managed to stop myself from panicking and breathed through it,glad it was over.Off to Lung function place(different building).Met the lovely Daniella,my nurse and we went through" the Inbox palavalava" then at the end she did the arterial bloods from my ear,the only bit that actually hurt.It did,nt stop bleeding until the next day,bleeding thing lol.Reception phones us a cab,10 minutes later we,re off home. Turns out all my functions(lung ones anyway lol) are up slightly and my Fev1 is up by 3% which is,nt a lot but it,s a damn site better than being down.So,all in all a very good day.Contrary to what that idiot posted the other day all the staff were so friendly and helpful it really humbled me.These people go the extra mile with no prospect of a pay rise for five years, earning a pittance and still a smile to make US feel more comfortable.It restored my faith in humanity against this evil,selfish,greedy government bent on destroying everything good about this country! Once again I salute our wonderful NHS and in particular the wonderful Royal Brompton,THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! PS.I wear a badge that says "I LOVE THE NHS",Two nurses said,"like your badge ,makes us feel like somebody actually cares".David ( sitting here bubbling in admiration,woose! lol).Happy breathing chums!!!

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  • hi davy im same when I go ari ive never no problems apart from the walking sometimes they have a corridor there that goes on for ever lol

  • Yes Tam I always take my wheelchair.You can ask for a chair,with porter to push it at reception.My wife is my pusher(porter lol).I could walk or even use my chair myself but it takes soooo long and when I got to the doctor would,nt be able to talk for twenty minutes.D.

  • I know I have a friend who always goes with me especially if im going respiratory clinic that's at end corridor. she works in hospital and always says she get chair take me along, I always say no I walk, I know lots people there and feel embarrassed in a chair I know its daft. I did same once when took hospital with ambulance I insisted on walking in lol.

  • Hi Farmer D

    How I agree with you. Both me and my husband owe our lives to the skilled people we often take for granted. We are lucky to have the NHS.

    All we ever read are negative comments, let's give it the three cheers it deserves !

    Velvet xx

  • Yes Velvet ,I already owe our NHS a debt of gratitude for saving my life on a few occasions.D. 💐

  • Your fev going up, is a thing to feel very happy about Farmer, it doesn't matter by how much, it's an improvement.

    I'm glad your tests went relatively smoothly and I hope things continue to go right for you, it's about time things started going as they should for you. xx

  • Thank you Casper.D.

  • Hi Flib,not sure about your arithmetic?My Fev1 when taken just before embarking on my latest PR. Was 20% it is now 23% so up 3%.I wish it was up 16% as maybe my breathing would be easier,can,t figure out where you got that number from but it,s all positive which is the main thing.D.

  • 😆

  • Hi FarmerD congratulations on the increase in your lung function, and I am glad your visit to the Brompton went so smoothly...but I would have loved to see you travelling in state in the minibus...I guess you were the only passenger.

  • Hi Knitter ,my wife and I sat in the back giving our citizens the royal wave as we passed,lol.It was more like a works van actually.D.

  • Farmer D , have you had your valves fitted,

  • Hi June ,no,these tests are hopefully the pre-curser to getting the valves fitted.D.

  • Well done Farmer and congratulations. Keep improving and stay as cheerful and postive as you are at the moment.

    Love Suzyxxx

  • Thanks Suzy.D. 💐

  • Hi FarmerD, so glad you had such a wonderful positive experience at the hands of the Brompton. The arms above the head is rubbish as Pete found out but you did well anyway. Where would we be without our dedicated nurses and doctors in the NHS? In a right old mess, that's where.

    Thank goodness for such caring people and I am sure Pete would say the same. He will be at the Brompton next Wednesday which is fine and Paul the driver gets him there and back which is even better.

    Take care

    Love, Carole xx

  • Cheers Carole,good luck to Pete for his visit on Wednesday,hope he can keep his arms down for the session lol.D.

  • Me too D, should be ok hopefully. Take care xxxx

  • Great to hear another example of the NHS working at its best.

    There are some wonderful, caring people slogging away in there, joining the dots to make our experience that bit better.

    let's applaud them!

  • Great to hear things are a bit better for you.


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