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Cumbrian coast

Arrived yesterday for a weeks holiday at my static caravan on the Cumbrian coast. Looking forward to the break but alas it is not Mexico where I should have gone in June but had to cancel because of my illness.

Hoping to do a lot of chillin on the decking, weather permitting.

Looking forward to a few days out whilst here but unfortunately will be in a wheelchair. Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions? preferably somewhere not too hilly as my poor hubby will be pushing me around.

Suggestions appreciated 😀

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Hi northern-soul

Not sure which part of the cumbrian coast you are residing in (north or south)

You don't have to be restricted if you have a car as there are some wonderful drives in the lakes where you can park up, enjoy the view and have a picnic. No huffing and puffing required. :-)

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We are in the south lakes. Before I got ill we used to go walking all over the fells with the dog so used to going places on foot alas things have changed since then.

Huffing and puffing just after a few steps these days!


A windproof umbrella would be a good idea if you can get hold of one. A nice warm blanket to wrap round yourself as well. It rather depends what you prefer to look at, hills or the sea. I would go to the seaside and have fish and chips.


Fish and chips at the seaside sounds good, may go to Whitehaven as it is fairly flat there.


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I hope you have a lovely time and the weather is dry and warm for you.

Love Azure xxx


Thank you very much Azure. Weather lovely today. Husband dusting the cobwebs off the barbeque, hoping to get it going for tea tonight. Just hope the wind blows the other way so the smoke doesn't get to me!

Have a lovely day x


They've really done up Whitehaven harbour nicely since Christian Salvesen has gone. Try visiting the lakes that have roads winding along them - Wastwater, Loweswater, Buttermere, Crummock. You may find Windermere and Grasmere a bit busy, but driving over Hardknott and Wrynose passes will be exciting if you don't mind hairpin bends and the odd 1 in 3 slope. Have a look at whether you could manage a trip on Laal Ratty from Muncaster to Eskdale for a trip without a car.


Thanks eregendel,

Some good suggestions there for us to go at. May try one or two of them!


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