check your sinuses!

Today I am finishing a 14 day course of IV antibiotics- again!!! For 8 months I have had pseudomonas/pneumonia. I have had sinus problems for 20 years and no Doc has listened. While in hospital I had nebulisers, carbocisteine and other stuff which miraculously cleared my nasal passages. it was sublime- as if someone had used a hoover! I CAN BREATHE THROUGH MY NOSE. the bugs in my nose have been trickling down into my lungs and caused the rotten infection.

I really hope this is the end of this. I can cope with the rheumatoid arthritis, the heart disease, and the COPD if the bugs stay gone.

Feel good today. so check your sinuses.

love to all xxxxxxxxxxxx

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  • I think I might have a sinus problem.

    My teeth are hurting and I keep getting headaches. How are you feeling now?


  • You're absolutely right. All sorts of bugs can get into the nasal cavities and re-infect you. I believe this often happens with pseudomonas. Hope the clear sinuses will keep you less probe to infections.

  • I do hope the bugs leave you alone for a long time hun - you have quite enough to cope with as it is.


  • Have you tried a neti pot? I swear by mine.

  • hello Happygrandad, what is a neti pot



  • Hi Jimmy, I have put a link below to Boots Web MD, where you can have a read. I use mine every morning and I make my own1% saline solution. The neti pot I use is plastic, I bought it on ebay foe about a

    pound. It came from China and has been a Godsend. No more blocked nose! Mike




  • Hi netipot is one idea, but I reckon it may be a bit difficult to use. You can go to your pharmacy and get a nasal rinse bottle: you fill the saline solution in there (you can buy them at the pharmacy too I use a low allergenic one). The nasal rinse bottle can be used by just leaning over the sink, no head leaning back and you just press the solution into one nostril, it flushes through the sinus cavities and comes out the other. I agree with Happygranddad that it is the best thing to do if you feel congestion or a cold coming on: removes the bugs form the sinuses and you will have less infections. Good luckxx

  • thank you Jenss

  • Yes amg you are so right. I have also discovered how important it is to keep my sinus cavities clear of mucous and bugs. I use a low dose nasal steroid spray now and a nasal rinse when I feel like I am getting congested. Best wishesxxxx

  • My respiratory nurse prescribed Avamys and it is amazing, first time I have been able to breathe in through my nose for a couple of years.

  • yes that is the one I am using too: according to my ENT specialist "a bit expensive but the best".......

  • Thank you guys SO MUCH!!!! ur advice is priceless.

    The cannula came out today and I walked a mile to my mates without breathlessness.

    Love to everyone. This has been a good day. xxxxx

  • Your reply just makes me feel good.

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