Abit about me-

I turned 44 last month and last month I was diagnosed with COPD and OSTEOARTHRITIS. I've also got EPILEPSY and HYPOTHRYOIDISM. I'm a Mental health survivor too 😊

I live in Suffolk with my Fur Baby 🐶

The doctor is currently trying out lots of different painkillers so the Osteo pain becomes manageable, and also trying out different meds so I'm not constantly breathless.

I had a chest X-ray on Thursday to see if anything else is going on.

I've been Vegan for about 3 years and eat a mostly wholefood diet.

I enjoy walking my Fur baby (although only short walks now with the pain and breathlessness)

I'm keeping positive that things will improve and I'll beat this!!

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  • Hi there 😊 thankyou for your speedy reply

  • Hi welcome to the forum....ive got to ask what a fur baby is x

  • Hi there Mandy 😊

    She's my little dog - a chihuahua/mini sausage🐶 thankyou for replying 😊

  • little ankle biters lol

  • oooooo i miss my little dog, he was a bichon - shi-tzux cross ...stick a pic on we all love dog pics

  • Ooh I love bichons ❤️ Still finding my way round here but I will post a pic when I work out how!

  • Welcome to the group. I was bowled by the care and support it offers.

    There will be lots of advice and info. Not me as I do not have your conditions but others will.

    Love and hugs

    K xx

  • Hello Katinka thankyou for the lovely welcome ❤️ xx

  • A very warm welcome to you veganista. Look forward to more of your posts.


  • Hello Veganista and welcome. You've got a great attitude to your ailments and walking is an excellent way to keep on top of them.

    I've got a Patterdale, he's an absolute horror. He's like Houdini, escaping through any hole he can find. Walking him is a nightmare because he's got little man syndrome and thinks he's rock hard. Lol.

    I hope you enjoy becoming part of this forum. xx

  • Hi Casper gosh he sounds like a little rascal 😊 Ive got the opposite problem with mine - she's not happy unless she's constantly stuck to me ( I joke that ive grown another body part) but I wouldn't want her any other way 🐶

  • That's what I wanted, a cuddly dog. My last one was Labrador cross and I miss him still. He was almost human.

    Winston, is a different kettle of fish. If I bend down to cuddle him, he bolts. When I do get near him and reckon to kiss his cheek, his top lip curls up into a snarl, it's hilarious.

    But, if he wants a cuddle, he just barges my arm out the way and plops down. xx

  • My GP prescribes Etodolac for my osteoarthritic pain - it's a receptor specific NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory) so it doesn't cause lung problems like other NSAIDs - in fact, when I stopped taking it for a month (with great difficulty), my breathing got worse. Good luck with finding the meds to help you control your multiple problems, Veganista.

  • I am seeing my G.P tomorrow so I will ask him about that pain killer eregendal. I'm pleased you've found something that helps and doesn't effect your breathing

  • Welcome veganista and what a positive post. I do hope you manage your health problems well and do get to beat them too. You seem like an up beat person which is great. Well done and hope you enjoy the site.

    Take care. xxxx

  • Hi there sassy, thankyou for the lovely welcome. Yes I try to keep a positive attitude as I find that positivity wins half the battle ️xxx

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