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Hi, I am new on here but I have already joined in by asking those people who made accusations against Graham for their evidence to be made available so that we can all make our own judgment whether it is true or not as they have succeeded by using this claim in taking away someone who was very precious from here and apparently seem to shine out in the Darkness like a Beacon of Light by giving everyone back something so very special that had been taken away by the Medical System, " HOPE " , Graham who I personally have never contacted and even though he is no longer on here I am sure will never be forgotten by those who knew him as he gave himself freely and with kindness and generously to anyone who contacted him for help is what I have been told, at this point I am going to tell you about my friend who has actually met Graham at the Nottingham City Hospital in the Oxygen Assessment Center, her name is Catherine Maxwell and I have known Cathi for some time, it is not her but her Husband who has severe Emphysema, they were there for her Husband's annual assessment, she told me while they were waiting she noticed this man sitting opposite to them who was smiling at them, anyway once her Husband had gone in to the room to be tested he came over to her still smiling warmly at Cathi, he asked her what is the matter with your Husband, Cathi was took back a bit but told him anyway, she said it was uncanny as she felt so at ease speaking to him in a way she would with anyone else, she told me that he just sat quietly listening to her pouring out her feelings to him until she had finished, he then quietly told her not to worry anymore as he can help her Husband to get better, he told her about his wife and the success they had by using certain Vitamin's, he even wrote it all down for her there and then, Cathi told me she felt a weight being lifted off her, she suddenly felt they had something at last to help him survive, anyway over the months Tom Cathi's Husband has improved without a doubt, I see them quite often so I know this is true, recently I myself have been getting breathless and have been told by my Doctor I have slight C.O.P.D Emphysema whatever that means, I like many have smoked in my life time, anyway that is why I joined this site to find Graham for myself but found that some on here have been jealous of his enormous following and have been bullying him for months before I came on here, another member who I contacted told me he had left the day before and would probably not be coming back again, although I have never been able to contacted him I feel almost like I know him because of Cathi, anyway I am going to ask each and everyone on here if you will join with me by contacting the Complaints Officer and show your support for the injustice having been done to Graham by those who refuse to show what their EVIDENCE IS to anyone, if this so called evidence is what they have used by making complaints to Mr Puncher then it seems to be without any evidence having been shown or submitted, also I would kindly ask you to complain about the massive amount of important information having been removed without any consultation with anyone on here, I do thank you all for taking the time by reading this and hope you will decide to support me in this matter, sparkleeyes

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  • Graham always came across as a lovely kind and caring man. The story about his wife Pat touched me deeply. I have severe COPD and had nothing to lose by acting on his advice so I started taking Vit A+D. Am I glad I did !! They have made such a difference. Without Graham's post I would never have been aware of the difference they would make so thanks to Graham for sharing

    I wish him well and will miss him on the forum.

  • I am building up slowly just with V A and V D once a day , really cannot see that I have anything to loose . Only to gain, Graham sounds a very caring chap taking the time to share with us, the improvement with his wife, miss seeing his , inspiring posts on here, unlisted me .😀

  • Hi June. I take Vit A twice a day and D3 once a day. Been taking them for about 6 months and definitely notice a difference Big thanks to Graham x. Kath

  • wow sparkleeyes that is quite a post. I don't know what to think.... Yes I agree that Graham had several members constantly post abusive messages against him. This had been going on for about 6 months before he finally was not on the forum any longer. To me he appeared to be a kind and generous man spending his time and energy passing on information he had found had helped his wife. I actually admired how patiently and dutifully he supplied more and more "evidence" and information to his critics in attempts to show them that there was sense in what he was suggesting.

    Unfortunately, we have had several other members on here treated similarly in that there was a group of other members hounding/bullying them until they got super frustrated and angry. Unfortunately, moderators intervene only in the end stages when obvious abuse is being posted and members then get fed up and leave. Big problem is also that offenders do not seem to get "educated" when they get restricted. After the restriction, they then gang together, brag about having been restricted and seem to not understand as to why their behaviour was inappropriate. I reckon moderators need to explain as to why members got restricted/banned.

    Anyway, thanks for trying to take a positive step by writing to the complaints officer. I am sad that precious BLF resources need to be spent dealing with this issue and other reports of abuse and bullying. The BLF resources should be spent helping those with lung conditions, not making sure that people behave appropriately on a forum. Such a sad state of affairs that some members on here just won't get the message- they have been asked/had it pointed out to them many times: example here

  • I couldn't agree more. Great post in reply to "sparleeys" I enjoyed Graham's posts, but in light of the animosity shown to him when he posted, we used to PM.

  • I have my own personal experience with some of these members who enjoy throwing their weight around on the forum and getting away with it.

    What i would like to see is a moderator on the site getting involved by welcoming a new member and writing on posts warning that something may be unsuitable instead of pouncing and deleting the whole post.

  • Intrigued, what evidence did Graham provide? Just curious

  • No worries. He thought his wife was improving after taking daily doses of VitA and D (with knowledge and approval of her dr). To show that some of the benefits of those vits are known he provided parts or entire articles that are freely available on the web, and that describe the health benefits of Vit A and D in particular for those with emphysema/COPD. As he does not appear to be a scientist he did not interpret the writings for validity and methodology used in arriving at the recommendations of the articles. He pointed out that people should talk to their dr before taking the vitamins. Trouble was that he often did not provide the links to the source or often copied the links in incorrectly so they would not function. Inexperience I guess.... Anyhow, hope that helps.

  • Thank You Jenss very helpful. Just wasnt sure if any of his evidece was based on any of his wifes test results.

  • Sorry bagpus I don't think I was throwing my weight around when I mentioned that an excess of Vit A could be dangerous to an expectant mother and foetus.

    And when the post was first put on the site, Vit A only was recommended only by Graham...not the combination of Vit A and D.

  • Where have you been accused of this? I can't find it anywhere . . .

  • That was not a rhetorical question.

    How can stating a plain fact possibly be construed as 'throwing your weight around'?

    The idea is so absurd on the face of it that I'm intrigued by the question of who did so and in what context?

  • Hi still truck in...was it me that upset you?

  • Not upset at all but, as I said above, intrigued.

    Why on earth would someone accuse you of throwing your weight around merely because you pointed out that excess

    vit A can be dangerous?

    There must be more to it than that, surely?

    Or if not, then who is this idiot?

    Care to assuage my curiosity?

  • Hi still trucking it was just mentioned that some members liked to throw their weight names were mentioned, but if it was me that did so I was justifying myself in case any pregnant woman took too much Vit A and was not aware of the consequences.

  • Ahh! I think you were being a bit paranoid there.

    FYI the upper limit for vitamin A was set at 10,000 IU/day (the dose Graham recommended) precisely because that is the highest amount (with a good margin of error) that a pregnant woman can take without risk of birth defects.

    And as a non-pregnant-or-breast-feeding adult with undamaged liver and kidneys I'd feel quite safe taking a 20,000 IU/day supplement.

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