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NHS at its best

Well, my feet haven't touched the ground in the last few days!

I've been getting monthly pulses of cyclophosphamide and each time I felt more breathless. After number 5 I came home somehow to the Western Isles and gradually declined further.

Everything was such an effort. I didn't have the energy to even eat or drink.

A visit from the nurse changed all that.

I was admitted to our local hospital, Uist and Barra, and under the direction of the wonderful, caring Dr Hirani in Edinburgh, I am now back home with oxygen.

the oxygen was delivered to my home at 7 last night and I was home by 10.

I've had a visit from OT this morning to offer help and a visit organised for Thursday to survey for stair lift.

I know NHS doesn't always pull together but in my case I can't fault them. Living in a remote area can have its disadvantages I know but it can also have positives. I can't praise all the staff enough for their care and determination to make things easier for me. I'm so proud of them.

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I'm seriously impressed and reassured!

I don't think I'll be getting the final dose. I don't think I'm responding in the right way!

Initial testing/screening taking place for transplant route.

All is good.


That must have been so very scary Chris but I am so glad you have a very proactive team on side.

Hope the 02 it helpful. Please let us know how you get on Chris.

Wishing you the best.

Love cx


Wishing you all the best Chris. Love Jan x


Hi Chris that is such good news and you must find it reassuring living where you do.

I have a wonderful GP and can't fault him in any way. As with many of us on here we have multiple conditions and not every experience is good when you get referred but hey Ho nice to hear good news.

Take care



Lovely to hear something positive Chris. You must have enjoyed being on your own bed. Hope you've got family and friends nearby too. Very best to you. Peege xx


Hi Chris, I had 6 pulses of cyclo a few years ago and was lucky enough to only suffer with tiredness. The idea behind it was to kill off some of my immune system to stop it from attacking my lungs further.

It sounds as though you have been having a rough time of it lately so hopefully thanks to your local hospital and its great work you will be able to get back some kind of normality to your life.

Great to hear a positive story about the NHS and not the usual negative stuff were all used to seeing in our newspapers and on the TV. :)

Tony xx


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