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Hi Everyone just a quick update had my annual lung test done I have gone from 38% -42% - 60% the 38% was when i got diagnosed last June and I was ill

42% was 4 weeks ago again when I was recovering from being ill

60% was from Tuesday

So I guess when I am not ill my lungs work not to bad and when i am ill they are .......... probably why i passed out a few times. Just don't understand why I am so bad in the summer, and OK during the winter.

The nurse says my symptoms are more severe asthma than COPD however was diagnosed by COPD team.

Anyway hope all my fellow sufferers are keeping well and safe .

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Delighted that you had such good news.


Amazing, gives me hope after having my first reading 43% 8 weeks ago, and fending off a cold at the time.

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Do you think there is an allergy component to your condition?


Not sure I was diagnosed after the dust from the sahara last year. and I was ill all through the summer lived on steroid tablets and ventolin

Was then given symbicort 400/12 twice a day however during the winter up until June only took it once a day I do lots of walking as part of my job and was fine then summer came my consultant has told me I wont be able to do my job next summer (NEED TO WORK IN A OFFICE I don't think so)

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Hi FurZdale

You must be happy.😊

Great news about your test results. Now your moderate. If your not feeling right it throws the test off. I'm also 60% and do alot of walking at work. ( I clean offices ) what type of work do you do?

I feel better when it's colder too. Hot and humid bothers me. I'm in the usa, so I have alot of that. You should get a fitbit. I used to envy people walking a couple miles a day. Guess what? I'm already doing it working!


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Hi rubyred777

I am a caretaker I look after 30 blocks of flats over quite a large area and do lots of walking

I hate the summer in London as it is to humid dirt and pollution just sits in the air

I am pleased you are well so lets stay moderate

Theresa x


That's brilliant, you must be feeling chuffed to bits Furzdale. I love hearing good news. xx


Thanks casper

I am so happy just cant believe how bad my lungs are when i am ill.



I am same, in humid weather, that and when the pollen is high. I have asthma and bronciectasis. Well done though on your results x

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I also struggle in hot humid weather. Find it easier on cool days. I've had COPD for around 8 years. I recently attended a pulmonary rehabilitation course and found sessions on stress and anxiety particularly useful.


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