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Have just had the best news ever, went for my lung function test today and I've been told all my results are normal I have a FVC 130.7 fev1% FEV 1 113.2 FEV 1% FVC. 72.02, so I have not been diagnosed with copd. Just thought I would let you all know as you were kind to me when I first joined this sight as you helped me when no one else could. I.would just like to wish you all well and hope you all keep helping people who need that help. Best wishes to you all love Pauline (Silly-mummy) xxxxxxx

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Congratulations , so pleased for you , I bet your over the moon. Pop in any time for a chat. Keep breathing ! Tina .

Thank you, + I will pop in now and then just to see how everyone one is doing x

Well done. What a relief.

Sleep easy tonight, but if you are anything like me then you will be too high to relax properly.

Love and hugs

K xxxx

Yes I will I feel like I got a whole new beginning, love and hugs to you to xx

That's wonderful news Pauline. Made up for you 😃

Thank you so much xxxx

Yippee :-) :-) :-) :-)

Thank you xxxxxx

Oh that is excellent news SM, good luck to you and wishing you well


Thank you good luck to you too xxxxx

Yes it has the power of quiting the evil weed lol I certainly won't be smoking ever again, thank you for your kind words x

Great news sm - what a relief for you. Nice to hear and very very pleased for you. Enjoy.


I will and thank you very much for your good wishes x

Hi see you are not such a silly mummy.

Please don't burst your bubble but I would recommend you spend 10 quid on an oxometer to measure your O2. It is a small price to pay to be cautious. I was at A &E several times with low O2 before being diagnosed with asthma and severe copd. Maybe if my asthma was discovered earlier I might not now have copd???

So great to hear you are out of the woods but watch out for the trees!God bless and take care


Thank you for your words of advice and I will definitely get myself one. You haven't burst my bubble at all best wishes. Xx

Great news Pauline, must be so lovely to be told you don't have COPD. Stay well. xxxx

Thank you so much sassy59, yes it was I just wasn't expecting it at all to say I was excited is an understament. I just wish everybody all the best xx

Good news Silly-mummy, :) :)

Thank you x

So glad everything is good.



Thank you sian, and I hope everything goes well for you in the future xx

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