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Great South Run -

Great South Run -

Hi all

Panic has now set in !! My entry is in for the run on 24th October for the BLF. Have found a lovely IOW running club so don't have to run on my own all the time. My just Giving page will be up and running ha ha soon.

Training is coming along quite well 1.8 miles non stop running reasonably comfortable now. So will be trying to increase my speed (cardiovascular fitness) and then my distance.

Keep exercising everyone it is hard but worth it. Keep well xx HH

P.s I don't know why it's upside down !! Hope that's not an omen lol lol x

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That is great HH. Keep us posted on the Just Giving Page.

Good Luck, Keep on running!




Thank you Sian

I have to do my write up. Just come back from the Hospital Gym which I go to on. Weekly basis to get my cardio up.

Feeling a little nervous but determined🏃 xxHH


You can do it. If my tubby - well to be honest fat little niece can do it then you can. Got to say after taking up running she has lost some weight.


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Good luck, and you can only do what you can do. If you shouldn't make it for some reason you have still tried which is more that most of us are willing to do. I would be thrilled if I could run 1.8 miles or even .8 miles so you have already accomplished much more than many.

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Thank you. I will definitely try my best. The course has no hills so that's good lol x


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