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Hi, this week I began using inhalers and the doctor gave me a pulmonary function test which showed in the normal range. I used my inhalers prior to the test. However in Boston hospital the pulmonary function test was poor but I hadn't used any inhalers. Do inhalers make that much of a difference? Should I use inhalers prior to the next pulmonary function test?

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  • I have been told that the Doc will tell you whether or not he wants you to use your inhalers as normal before the test or not and sometimes they do the test telling you not to use them that day and then ask you to take them and do them again. Anyway it is good to know that the inhalers - presumably made the difference?

  • Yes it's good that inhalers help. The doctor seemed a bit baffled as she expected a much worse result based on my Chest CT and previous PFT. But I am pleased. Now I have to try to take better care of myself to keep it this way. Next CT and PFT are in October. Thanks for information, I will ask the doctor about inhaler use prior to next test.

  • I find my inhalers make a great deal of difference for my asthma, before I see the asthma nurse I phone and see what she wants me to do take care

  • I think that's how they work out whether you have asthma or COPD. I have the latter and inhalers made very little difference to the readings I got on my lung function tests. When I went I was told to do them first without - and then 15 minutes after using 4 puffs of Ventolin. There was hardly any difference. Good luck with your conditions. xx piggi

  • Thank you. I'm just confused between doctors saying different things. I think they need to share their information & test results. Maybe then they can agree on what is going on.

  • Mmm... think that is a recurring problem with healthcare ... the right hand etc. Think also we, as patients, are understandably worried and frightened and want answers quickly. Sounds like your doctors are not communicating.... still think it's a positive thing that inhalers made a bit difference to your results. good luck xx piggi

  • When I had my last test first I blew in to the tube without using my inhaler that showed stage 4 then I had to use my inhaler 4 times through a spacer that time I was stage 2. To do this all the time I would no doubt go through 7 inhalers a week so I think it is best to use inhalers as instructed

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