Wee Diz?

Wee Diz?

Thought I,d let you see how big Dizzle has got,had to remove first pic due to it being upside down so, second attempt!Still upside down I give up!Hope all you " nut jobs lol" are enjoying the nicer weather and breathing a bit easier.Off to the Brompton tomorrow for a VQ scan and lung function test,see if I,m going to get my valves or not.Dizzle is not a year old yet and he is twice the size of Charlie who is about 18 years,funny old world.Be good lovely people! D. XXX 😜

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  • hi davy nice cats. I managed stand on my hands to look at pic ha ha lol.


  • Haa haa Tam,just the thought of a hand stand makes me breathless,D.

  • Dizzle is a big boy. I have a cat that's big too. Not fat, just big. Good luck tomorrow. Hope all goes well for you!

  • Hi Sam,Dizzle is huge and oddly a very picky eater,he does,nt like the cream in Tesco,s trifles mind you I prefer Waitro,s myself lol.

  • They both look lovely. Good Luck for tomorrow.


  • Thanks Sian,D.

  • X

  • Thank you Flib,should be interesting.Have nebuliser to breathe in dye and have dye injected so they can see the best areas for valves.Hope Dye is in a good mood lol.D.

  • Ha ha ha! Dye!

  • Nice cats, good luck for tomorrow, xx Sally

  • Thanks Sally,D.

  • Will be thinking of you tomorrow Farmer D as Pete is off to the Marsden right next door to the Brompton for his PET scan. Hope you both get on ok.

    Beautiful cats and they look very happy to be having a snooze. Our cat Tessa is 17 and likes to sleep but can still run around like a kitten.

    Take care. xxxxx

  • Hi Sassy,Charlie had to have one of her back legs amputated so spends most of the time just sitting watching the world go by but she is quite happy.Good luck to Pete.Cheers!D.

  • Agree witb others farmerD . Thought u has fixed it lol

    Took a tad for me brain fog to clear to make head tail BUT got there in end :)

    Cant beat a cat or cats really ;)

  • Hi Denis,yeh it is a bit confusing.I did that on purpose of course just to baffle us all lol.D. 🙈

  • Qualty ;)

  • Love those furry friends of yours!😻😻 what with your cats asleep and max asleep , I feel like going to sleep as well😜😀 Hoping all goes as well as possible tomorrow, I'm keeping every thing crossed😘😻💟😸 huff xxx

  • Hi huff it's not like max to have a nap lol

  • Thank you Huff,D.

  • The best of luck for tomorrow Farmer, my fingers will be crossed for you. ax

  • Thank you Casper,D.

  • Hello Farmer D

    Laughing out loud at your attempts at posting a photo, bless you at least you've tried,...twice !!

    Wishing you all the best for tomorrow.

    You take care...Yah hear !!

    Nut Job Velvet xx

  • Thanks Velvet,D.

  • Yes lovely cats and very very good wishes tomorrow. Hope it goes well. xx piggi

  • Thank you Piggl.D.

  • don't worry put my glasses on upside down saw it perfectly :-)

    lovely cats.

    jan x

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